What’s the ideal rank-up rate?

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  1. My soon-to-be-public survival + skyblock server will feature ranks that people will get by purchasing with in-game money, which they get by just playing and by voting for the server on voting sites.

    Each rank will give the player a one-time-use kit, each with an enchanted tool, armour piece, or weapon, as well as some miscellaneous items, and each rank also gives the player some permissions, be it extra commands such as /condense, /tpa + /tpahere, or /workbench; or VeinMiner, UltimateTimber, or SpawnSilk permissions.

    Each rank usually unlocks one or two commands/permissions alongside the one-time-use kit.

    There will be roughly 15 ranks. What is a good rate to level up? I.e., should players be able to level up to each rank about once every 1 hour of playing, so it’ll take 15 hours to reach the final rank (which can differ depending on special events, whether the player votes every day, etc.)? Or should it take 30 minutes per rank? Or 2 hours? Perhaps the first few ranks should go by quicker but the later ranks be more expensive?

    Keep in mind: There’ll be no way to unlock these ranks or get more in-game currency by paying with real-world money.

    What do you think?
  2. 15 hours for max rank is way too long. Let's say the average player spends 1hr a day on your server. In half a month they will be maxed out and then they will have nothing to aim for. Likewise, if it takes 15days for one rank it can become boring not getting anywhere closer to the rank.

    Therefore, I'd try find a balance. Perhaps it compounds as you get higher which I usually find to be better.
    Rank 1: 30mins
    Rank 2: 2hrs
    Rank 3: 8hrs
    Rank 4: 2days
    Rank 5: 7 days
    Rank 6: 2 weeks
    See how it's structured so people at the start feel like they're achieving something by rising through the ranks fast and then over time it gets harder - but the player is already more committed to your server so they're likely to stay for longer.
    Obviously tune this to your 15 ranks as you don't want people waiting 2 weeks for one rank realistically. But sticking to a static increment I feel it a bad idea. Also, the whole point of 'ranks' is so people feel that they've achieved something. So if you show your players that by committing to the server they get to have x,y and z over other players they're likely to stay.
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  3. Keep it mind that players will find interest in the server if they manage to rank up decently fast at the start. As for the max rank, you should make it harder than any other ranks to get, to make it even more rewarding for players who achieve it.
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    One thing to keep in mind as you are thinking about this is never underestimate peoples ability to grind, on my first server I did very little preparation for the "endgame" type players because I assumed that n one would play THAT much on it, and that it would be more important to focus on the early game stuff to get players, in fact I should have been focusing on the later game stuff for my most dedicated players, because once they got bored the whole thing fell apart.
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  5. @blaukat Well, the whole server isn’t about ranks. The ranks are a minor part of the server, so I’m not too worried about people reaching “endgame” when it comes to ranks. It’s just there to gate certain commands and features until people have played for a while, whereas your server sounds like it was centred around the ranks as a mechanic.
  6. I mostly play on a faction server, where people have up 15 days play time to get the max ranks. The catch is, you could become the best player or richest player on the server with the default rank, so it's not all about ranks. Although the ranks are hard to get, the featured were quite simple, such as fly in claims, feed with no cooldowns, ability to list more items in the auction house and so on.

    My point is, even if ranks are just here for few commands and your server isn't all about ranks, even if it's a few, as long as your ranks grants perks that are useful but not necessary needed, players ARE going to be interested, and WILL grind for them. That means, if your ranks are too easy to get, some players could be able to get the max rank on their first day or so, and they won't have any more goals to achieve on the server, therefore, there is a possibility they lose interest.

    PS: Sorry for typos, writing from my phone
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  7. Thanks for the comment. You have a point. I’ll work on making my ranks not too easy to get but also not too tedious. It’ll be hard to come up with a good balance, though. The first few ranks will definitely be the easiest one to get and will offer more or less necessary commands such as /sethome and /home (that rank will probably be unlocked in just 5 olr 10 minutes of playtime), while it’ll take progressively longer to unlock the ranks.

    Or rather, it’ll cost more to get the later ranks, since players will have to purchase ranks with in-game money,which is pretty much the same thing as playtime since they’ll get money from just playing (there’ll be no player or admin shops). They’ll also get money from voting for the server, though. It’s a nice way to get people to vote for the server, as it’ll let them progress faster.
  8. Creating a good balance is in my opinion one of the hardest thing to do to set up a server. It's similar to game design in a way, setting up a balanced economy, gameplay and keeping the players interested with content is hard and requires a lot of time to think about it. With that said, I wish you good luck with your server :)
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    Sure, all Im saying is make it a lot harder than you think it should be to max out. The last few levels should take as much time as everything leading up to them.
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