What advantages do you find bungee cord gives you?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Nebula111, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    So lately i've been humming and hawing about using bungee cord. I can see it being a real advantage for my upcoming "Arcade" servers (survivalgames, the walls etc.) to connect them to the hub. However I can't decide whether or not to split up the PVP(factions/nations), Towny, minigames and RolePlay world onto separate servers, or to simply have it run as a multiworld server. We have been preparing the maps and plugins for months and want to hear your opinions.

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  2. joshwenke

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    Multiserver is very cool, especially for separate plugins, but also takes extreme amounts of work to manage the two different servers. I run a Hub and it works great, I'd highly suggest it!
  3. md_5

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    The ability to handle more players.
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  4. Agreed, it works very well for mini-game servers like mine and allows for holding many many many users.

    In addition, it's convenient for players; Join a single server and have access to different Minecraft game types like Towy, Factions, roleplay, etc without having to quit and type in/select the server.
  5. Opens up a few new capabilities for developers. :3
  6. The biggest advantage for us was to finally be able to combine our services reliably. I personally enjoy the flexibility it affords us and being able to instance off previously mentioned services into smaller packages taking more advantage of our hardware.

    Both the development behind & the community supporting the project are inspiring. They in of themselves are an advantage in my opinion to any Minecraft administrator.
  7. Love how easy it is to hop between 4 different servers and saves the time having to disconnect and reconnect to a different server.
  8. Agreed, its great for keeping your different gamemodes close, due to issues with plugins clashing different servers for different game modes is sooo good at times :D And also, instead of everyone on one server, it means they are spread over multiple instances causing less CPU load on just 2 cores and allowing the server to rest a little instead of one server instance doing everything :p