What allows you to do this?

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  1. So I used to work for a server that did this also then again I saw it here I am just curious what it is that allows you to do this here is an imgur album with the images https://imgur.com/a/55bBUHf

    Its so you can place things down as if their real objects like swords and stuff
  2. armorstand?
  3. To add to what vk2gpz said, they are customly positioned armor stand entities. For the items, there are invisible armor stands holding the item in their hand, and for the "players" it's just armor stands with custom armor on them and player heads on the head.

    This tool might be able to help you accomplish what they did in the photos:

    This plugin also looked pretty useful, so I'm just throwing it in here as well:
  4. Simple armorstand manipulation, there are plenty of plugins for it
  5. Thank you for all the support I ended up using ArmorStandTools