What am I doing wrong?

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  1. I've been playing Minecraft for 6 years. I've had many unsuccessful servers. The last few were actually all custom coded because I've learned how to code Bukkit plugins. This summer, I've decided to try again. It's a survival server, but with a twist: custom coded abilities that you can unlock (such as Double Jump, hiding from hostile mobs, flying but only in water). I have a domain for the server (so no number IP). I'm paying for the hosting of the server so it's not going to be bad quality. I've posted the server on many server lists and forums. I've never done a scumbag move such as advertise on other people's servers. On top of that, the idea for the server is relatively original and interesting IMO.

    So why do I have exactly zero other players online??? I understand I'm not supposed to expect a lot at first, but there are apparently ZERO people who want to play on my server. I also understand that I'm supposed to be paying for advertising, but I should have at least ONE person join every now and then shouldn't I? And besides, I honestly have no idea where to put advertising money towards. YouTubers that I've messaged don't respond, and I've heard that putting money into server lists are a waste. So can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    I've read all of the guides on "HOW TO MAKE YOUR SERVER POPULAR FAST! NO JOKES"
    but none of those tips actually worked here...

    PS: no, whitelist is not enabled lol
  2. You need something to start you off, since getting instant growth from doing nothing isn't possible. Having a budget for advertising is a must, so if you do try and invest in good forms of advertisements. YouTubers, server list slots, and other forms like a discord advertisement can all be effective.
  3. Whats the ip i can hop on and play xD
  4. The IP is: Korosu.TK
  5. Advertise a bit. You need to get your server out there
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  6. Advertise where? I've already put it up on many server lists.
  7. Server lists aren't really an effective place to show off your new original gamemode.

    You need to hire YouTubers, get advertising space on Minecraft-related communites or know some people who can get your server advertised (eg if you are friends with an owner of a large community who can post an announcement). Unless you know some people already or have a large community which you are the founder or friends with the one who is the founder, it will be really hard to get your server known alone. Partner up with some people, hire advertisers/YouTubers.
  8. Buy a banner on MCM, pay youtubers, ect
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    Buy a few videos on semi big YouTubers (1k + views per video within a week, Uploads a lot of Minecraft)
    Buy a professional banner,
    Get people to be on as long as you can, if 4 people are on the next guy might stay, and so on to the next until 10 people are on and then it's all about getting people on all the time, id recommend asking friends to play, and afking and playing yourself
  10. Honestly, at 13 years-old, I made a server and it reached to like 30 players at it top. I consider my self sucessful for that age.

    To help you, I'd say, try to make your server unique. Think about why other people should join it. Not only because you're proud of what you did but more like, if I joined a server like this, would I want to stay and play ?

    When you'll have these answers, make a GOOD post on some forums. By good post, I mean, put on some interesting details about your project.
    Also, make sure, to be a lot on it so people see that you really care about what you have done.

    Hope these will help you get some players on your server ;)

  11. I dont want to sound arrogant, but I do believe my server already is unique. It's not completely different and never seen before, but I have yet to see some of the aspects that I have on my server, on other servers. Since I made this post, I've had a few people join but theyve never stayed on for more than 2 minutes. Half of them who join are either cheaters or spamming ddos threats/racial slurs. Thanks for the tips though.
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    If people joined now maybe you weren't paying enough attention before? as no one here is going to waste time to go hack on your server and spam ddos threats... or be a racist Kek, To be honest, it doesn't matter how unique you think you are if the players don't, or if the players don't understand it, or don't like it, Honestly if you want to be more successful forgot your own thoughts and finnd out what they want, Right now factions is dead so don't do that, if you do want to do survival do smp custom item style those are still popular but honestly, you are unique but no one knows the game mode and no one will learn it just to play by there self, Also survival is borinng without other people so you need some people, for the record im not speaking out my ass i ran a pretty successful towny server ($120ish net after 3 months with 30+ at peak 5 at dips_ also, become FRIENDS with your players, and don't thinnk of them as "players" they are your friends, if you don't want to be the social rolemodel thenn you nneed a co owner to do it, You need someone in power that is willing to do this, also adding a few features doesn't make you much differnt, why would someone play alone sometimes on your server whenn they cann play on bigger ones with almost the same features (100's of slimefun servers with custom abilities, Not the same ones but, Most people don't read futher then a few lines into a server description thats a tip)
  13. It's hard getting to know the players and becoming friends with them when they leave almost instantly. This also means I can't find out what features they would want me to add (i've tried, trust me). None of my friends play Minecraft anymore so im not really able to find a co-owner (and im not getting someone off the internet).
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  17. We had the exactly the same problem I feel like it’s because we need to advertise and show the server off ... with money or without :/ people have to see the server and it has to stand out.
  18. You need advertisement. When putting a server together, you need to make sure it's a product that content creators will take interest in, and then contact them to make content on your server. Some will charge, although some will do it for free if the product interests them enough, but even then it usually requires personal connections to go that route. Most people have to pay.
  19. What I have learned in the past is that having a unique server is one thing...heck, you can even carbon-copy someones server and still get players. you can even go as far as have a simple survival server with a few plugins tossed in just to make it a bit interesting and STILL get players.

    So, the question is, how to get players and keep them? Don't rely solely on server lists, unless you are paying for a premium slot to help expose your server some. Server lists can help, yes, but more then likely when first starting out, your listing will very quickly get buried and not get noticed. Like others said, in order to get your server noticed, you have to put some work into it, or even some cash. Don't be afraid to go to popular websites like minecraftform or even reddit to help promote your server...but a bit of warning also....if you do publish your server on such sites, be sure you have a plan in place to deal with griefer teams..

    The other trick (like others have said) is to be a part of the community. If players see you online as the owner, playing the game and interacting with them, it will show them that you are a part of the community and not just another server owner.

    All it takes is to get a couple of players to come on and stay on. If they like what you are offering, they can help spread the word also. You would be surprised at how much faster your server can grow when the players do the advertising for you vs. you (the owner) advertise it. We all have seen posts like "Does anybody know a good server to play on?" Its those types of posts, and player replies, that helps.

    The final trick is the hardware you are hosting it on. You can have the most unique server/map setup out there, but if people can't connect to it, or it lags horribly bad, then nobody will stay. You can also have the most basic survival setup out there, but if it has near 0 lag, 99+% uptime, and server staff (and yourself) that interact with the players, can be very, very successful.
  20. The Problem isnt the idea or something like yourself. you need advertisement (not this bad one like: "Hey Guys my Server is very great join it for Op!") No. You need things like advertisement using adwords and custom forum signatures or payed promotion by popular youtubers . may work together with some bigger youtubers who havent a community server. then you get much users and the youtuber a good place for his community, so if you have 5 big youtubers @ 1k subs you have 5k users all over the most time on your server. give the youtubers abtillities for giveaways and so on and sell some ranks to pay the hosting. thats business but then you need to create a own company and then you have be 18 or older. best example for getting work and money with this strategy is hypixel