What are good sounds to use?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by ondrej008, May 28, 2017.

  1. Hello guys,
    what are some good sounds to use for stuff? Like when a round starts in a minigame, right now I found that ANVIL_LAND is a pretty good sound, but I'm looking for more :D
    I could go thru the sound list but meh
  2. Level up sound couldnt go wrong , try it
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  3. These are my favorite ones, I like to set the pitch to '2'.


  4. Use whatever sounds good to you. Be unique.
  5. May I recommend ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP witch pitch of 2.

    I think ANVIL_LAND sound a bit negative if you can say so. I would use it in situations where something goes wrong. For example a player doesn't have enough money to buy something -> ANVIL_LAND.
  6. @SpiroMarshes I would, but there are so many, and some of them are better than others in certain things.
    Here are my results:
    Successful_hit (or orb) are the same, pitch of 1 is good.
    Anvil_land pitch 1 when the game is about to being.
    Anvil_land 0.5 when the game begins.
  7. Best sound ever is totem, totally creepy, but only 1.11+ :)
  8. I personally really hate when ANVIL_LAND is used in a countdown/game start situation. It just... I don't even know... But yeah, just my opinion. Choose what you like the most.
  9. @T4TU_ I think it's good when you need to get the players attention,
    @Kaneki1337 the fireball and bat are really close to Hypixel's quake sounds (or they are quake sounds).
    @Nevermore; @T4TU_ level up sound is good aswell, really close to the orb, but slightly better imo.