What are good sounds to use

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  1. I was wondering what are some good sounds to use for your plugin?
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    Heavily depends on the plugin and feature
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  3. For example a minigame.
  4. My cat gets all nervous when I play entity.wolf.howl
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  5. Here are a few that are LESS likely to be heard in game, which makes them fun because they almost seem "new":
    - UI_TOAST_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE (I use this in HungerGames when a player dies, because it reminds me of the sound they use in the movie)
    ENTITY_ILLUSIONER_PREPARE_MIRROR (anything to do with the Illusioner really, because they aren't in the game unless you manually spawn them - therefor they sound super unique)
    - ENTITY_EVOKER_PREPARE_WOLOLO (its just freaking funny)
    - EVENT_RAID_HORN (This one is GREAT... but it is very very quiet so you need to use a high volume)
    - ENTITY_PLAYER_BURP (Because its funny)
    - ITEM_SHIELD_BLOCK (I heard this for the first time the other day. Its kind of a cool sound. I guess if a player uses a shield a lot this might not sound so unique)

    Ok thats all the special ones I know of. I recommend going thru the SOUND enums and finding ones you don't hear often. You could also create a quick little plugin/command to test all the sounds and just listen for ones that sound interesting to you. Theres quiet a few you've probably never heard, and that makes them more interesting.
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  6. I often use:

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