What are good ways to inject money into your economy?

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  1. Got a brand new economy server going on and tbqh I've not got a lot of experience with economy plugins. Here's basically our setup.

    Players so far can make money by:
    Voting (3 times (sites) a day, $10 per vote)
    Bounty Hunting (not a stable income, but you can make a ton of money in a quick amount of time)
    Buying + Selling items at the shops (which are positioned in spawn)

    100 gets injected into the economy each time someone joins, and I would guess 30 gets injected every time someone votes all 3 times. We've only been open for like 4 or 5 days so I want to go ahead and get this done and set up before we're too far in. Our global economy is like 16k right now.
  2. bump, still wondering. I feel like Jobs would cause inflation.
  3. Crates are a decent way to add small amounts of money. You can also have an auction house type plugin to encourage the flow of money (if it has a tax option, enable to have a bit of an eco drain). Finding other sources of economy drain are equally as important such as buying entries into a lottery, a money based rankup system along with other requirements and an over priced spawn shop (which sets a max value for things like the auction house as players will price things slightly lower in order to make a profit).

    There needs to be some value to money as well otherwise one rich player can tank the economy easily if they have no incentive to spend it on anything.
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  4. Our problem is quite the opposite right now, we've got plenty of unique things to buy like guns, space stations, special weapons, grenades, "space gear", etc. It's just that no one really has over $400 in-game because there's no ways to make consistent money and no one has the stock of money built up. I can't tell if this is the sign of a healthy economy or not. I'm not sure if I can safely say there's monetary value to the money, y'know what I mean, like, yeah, you use it to buy stuff, that's about it.
  5. Jobs aren't bad if you can properly balance them. It's better to make them under useful and slowly scale them up to a healthy point than make jobs too good and have to scale down. It takes close monitoring but eventually you can find a fit for your server.
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  6. Do you reckon there's pre-made configs around? Also can I just straight up disable some jobs in that plugin
  7. As far as I am aware, Jobs is highly configurable. You can turn on and off jobs, control price for various actions on a scaleable level, set it so the more jobs a player has the less they make per job etc. Should be easy to custom tailor to your needs if you are willing to put in a few hours of work
  8. Right, okay, that sounds good. I'm going to look more into that. Anything else you'd recommend to boost my economy?
  9. Crates are a good way to add some more money. That or playtime rewards. Might consider adding in something like Advanced Achievements to add more ways to make money