What are requirements for 1 player in bukkit.

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  1. Hello, My Dad is gonna create me a server.
    he ask me what are requirements of 1 players in bukkit/spigot
    i want to have 50-100 slots
    and with my.noip.com how i can edit my ip 192.168.X.XXX to XXXXXX.Minecraftserve.net
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  2. You really need to do some research, highly recommend looking here to learn about setting up a spigot server: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-installation/

    If you legitimately are expecting over 50 players I suggest not home hosting. In most cases your ISP will not be able to handle the traffic. Google will be your best friend in this whole process so dont be afraid to just google about any aspects you are confused over. I want to also add that any 192.168.x.x IP is going to be a local network address. This would not be used to have users connect to your server. Take a look here to look into the networking aspect of a home hosted server: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/g00/Tutorials/Setting_up_a_server?i10c.encReferrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8=&i10c.ua=1&i10c.dv=21

    Ultimately like I said before stick to google and YouTube tutorials and you should be able to get a server setup.
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  3. thanks bro
  4. For 1 player you don't need a lot. Research a bit and try a bit. And that it's like Youserver.com you need a domain (redirects to server). Just research a bit.
    Ohh and I would not let your father do that. You should know a bit about a Minecraft server.
    By the way: Every well Minecraft server needs well plugins:
    Try BetterAdmin. It's free and you have admin commands. Just click the image.

  5. You can run a bukkit server with a single player with I think its recommended around 20mb of ram per player I could be wrong don't quote me :)
  6. You'd most likely be best off with setting up a simple localhost server if all you're actually doing is indeed 1 player.

    That doesn't really make much sense unless you're a developer, so I'll assume you actually mean you want to make a "small" server.

    I would (or in this case you would tell your dad) get a maximum of 12 slots. You'll find filling up those 12 slots to be rather difficult, especially for longer than a few days concurrently.

    As for the customizable IP, your father should do a bit of googling. Basically you'll want to purchase a domain (I personally use GoDaddy) and setup the DNS to forward to the IP that your server hoster provides. (Again, get your parents to do this).

    Amazing self plug :clap:

    Honestly I'd probably use essentials. It's what a lot of people are experienced with, and you can find a ton of help out there in case you run into any issues.
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