What are the capabilities of such setup?

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  1. Probably, I’ll ask the question that has possibly been answered a dozen of times, but still...

    Here’s my setup (hosting from home):
    - CPU: Core i7-8700K
    - motherboard: MSI Z390
    - RAM: 32 GB (2666 MHz)
    - SSD: Corsair MP510 (240 GB)
    - network bandwidth: up to 250 Mbit/sec

    At best, there will be two servers: survival and mini-games. How many players will be able to play simultaneously with such configuration? I estimate 150-200 players but I’m not sure.
  2. It is better to split your minigames into different server instances
  3. Exactly this, I believe that unless you want to build a survival/"open-world" gameplay, the best bet is dynamically deployed instances. It is not too hard to set up it with load balancers and the result is pretty good!
  4. Do you mean that, say, for 3 mini-games I should have a server instance for each one? The same goes for survival mode, doesn’t it?
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  5. Yes. So that it can use more threads in your server
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  6. Now I understand how that works & I hope that the setup I chose will be enough :)
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    I would like to know how to get more players. I struggle to even get a few any more. Do you know any secrets?