what are the top 3 voting sites?

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  1. well i have around 9 at the moment and want to reduce down to 3 only could anyone tell me the top 3 voting sites that people usually use?
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    That's all I'd go with.
  3. forgot to mention that the minecraft server list one does not accept gif banners so is there another one i could use which is also good?
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    Minecraft-server-list is one of the best. It's not a good idea not to use it. Just grab a static image of your banner and put it on there.
  5. Minecraftservers.org does accept gif
  6. ik i did not say that it doesnt
  7. MinecraftForum also has a voting feature, you need an account to vote. The upside is that a lot of people use that site to find servers.
  8. And stick at page 5-10 with nobody joining your server.
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  9. I would personally use these Minecraft server-list websites:
    minecraftservers.org has a weird voting setup. If you vote for a server, then you try to vote for another server, you can't vote for that server until the 24 hour wait is over. I don't like their voting setup.
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