What are your internet speeds?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm just curious, so lets see your internet speeds!

    I'm running Virgin Media (UK) Fiber Optic 100mbs, according to them.
    Include whether you use Wired or Wireless :3
    Please use http://www.speedtest.net/ to measure your speeds, here's my results:
    (Note, I have a xbox one running on the network and I'm on wired)

  2. This thread already exists.
  3. Link?
    I checked to find one, and I couldn't find one.
  4. 20 / 4
    I cry everytime ;(
  5. You have nothing to complain about
    5mb download / 0.7 upload
  6. I ran a speedtest on my college pc, 200 down, 40 up..
  7. Not bad tbh xo
  8. ssamjh


    Oh please
    I used to have 100/20 I so sad.
  9. One I took awhile ago:
  10. Not too bad
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Oh wow o.o I'm moving to us for that shit xD
  13. Canada ;)
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  14. That's Canada
  15. O lmfao

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  16. ssamjh


    If you can get Fibre in NZ (like 30% of NZ has it) you can get 250/250.
    Some places have 500/500, only like Auckland (biggest city) and Wellignton (the capital).

    The rest of NZ is stuck on VDSL (UP TO 70Mb/s but usually around 30Mb/s, it's the equivalents of UK's "fibre") or ADSL2+ so maxium 24Mb/s but usually around 10Mb/s (and less than 1Mb/s up).
  17. Wow, I want my college servers in my house xD