What are your new usernames? [Name Changes]

Discussion in 'Minecraft Discussion' started by HyperPlay, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. I bought an alt and made it CSA (Canadian Security Agency).
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  2. I got IRS, Brunette and Reply.
  3. My sister changed her name from "Lillaputt" To "LAM3000".
    As for me i like my name. "HDM4000"
  4. I got BanManager.
  5. Gran_Daddie -> ______CORY______ -> Master_O_Haxors
  6. I wonder if Server_Owner is avalible?:p
  7. Not available :/
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  8. BobsYourUncle & Glenn_Quagmire
  9. LOL
    I got "0oo" the first "0" being a "zero" ;-;
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  10. Won an alt in a giveaway a while ago. Couldn't find anything to do with it so yeah....


    I win @md_5
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  11. changed mine to JasperTheFox
  12. changed DeathRobot_33524 to DeathRobot
  13. STITCHMAGNET -> Listen
  14. BlazeMC, Ritual, Rages, women, airsoft, Daewoo, OverHeated, Upgrade, TheProdigy, Massively and Scarfs.
  15. I got the names Butts and Skull
  16. I don't know how to change my name lol.
  17. How do have more alts? or is "alts" in this case just more accounts?

    Ohh ... And I changed from Demonyo ( my old battlefield, WoW, CoD game name ) to sgt_morrigahn ( my current name in bf, cod, wow AND minecraft :D )
  18. An admin on my server owns: 0wn3r
  19. I changed from CHOMPIN_02 to ChompinPlays to just Chompin