What balance plugins are these?

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  1. So, I'm on a server, and I went to check how much money I have, and when I do /baltop, this fancy thing comes up. I'm not sure if they customized a config or something, but if any of you know what plugin this could be, (or if it's custom), please let me know. Here: [​IMG]
    Another one I noticed on this server is their confirm pay command. It looks like this:

    Thanks to anyone that can help!

    Sorry if this thread isnt in the correct section, I didn't really know where to put it...
  2. I believe it's edited essentialsX language config, but I'm not sure..
  3. Not the confirm part. I am pretty sure the /pay command is custom.
  4. I tested out on my build, I have the same thing and it's not essentialsX ._.
  5. Edit: I tested it out again, and yes it is EssentialsX :D But I couldn't find this part in locale, so you probably need to edit the source code to change the language.

    Edit2: Here's what I did, but I cannot find the tag for player names, would appreciate if you would share it with me when you find it :)

    Edit3: If you add following to locale, you can change the message of confirmation :) (or you can download the latest build from Jenkins)

    Code (Text):

    confirmPayment=\u00a77To \u00a7lCONFIRM\u00a77 payment of \u00a76{0}\u00a77, please repeat command: \u00a76{1}
    Here's what I got
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