What build are you using?

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  1. I am trying to find the best build to use BEFORE the NMS commit.
    One that don't break any plugins.

    We was / are using #24 (async) and it has great performance but its really unstable.
    Crashes and spikes happen, and mass disconnection issues.

    So i was wondering what build you guys are using that provides good performance,
    and good stability.

    I believe the latest async build without NMS is #25 and the latest normal is #289

    Please let me know!
  2. I am using build 325
  3. Do not tell me what plugins to use? As with the tps? what is online? And the lag is?
  4. 297, all my plugins work, though some such as core protect, creeperheal and grief prevention have errors.
  5. Whats the performance like on build #325?
    How many TPS u getting?
    How many players?
    How much Up-time?
  6. 200+
    20TPS Stable (AntiCheat Makes TPS Decrease)
    24 Hours +
  7. And what plugins are worth?
  8. And on previous versions of the same results were?
  9. I wanted pre NMS change, builds. The only plugins holding us back from updating are:
    Towny, CoreProtect, WorldGuard
  10. Just use the builds without the NMS change.
  11. I was able to find working versions of CoreProtect, Worldguard and Towny.
    So i updated to #325

    However the performance was a lot better on #24
    Going to try #43
  12. If you're using NoCheatPlus with the NMS fix don't it create lag and if you're using Anticheat that just decreases your TPS.
  13. Using NoCheatPlus, with the NMS commit. However its a build that is compatible.

    Edit: Yeah im going back to #24
  14. Every plugin you run on your server will cost some performance, if you only focus on performance then use a vanilla spigot server from the testing branch (means no plugins installed). Then you will get the best performance that's possible for now.

    NoCheatPlus, AntiCheat, SafeGuard and any other NoCheat plugin will need some server performance to record and calculate.

    You have to decide:
    Fun or Performance?
    Protection or Performance?
    Plugins or Performance?
  15. Which builds do you recommend for 1.4.6? Im interested
  16. andrewkm

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    Build #366
    Uptime was 3+ Hours.

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  17. andrewkm

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    Same as above.
  18. no real performance changes have been made since 293 which included async chunk loading.
    298 was last before NMS but has a few smaller breaking commits such as blockface and changeblock event

    testing build has a reduction in memory usage but i dont believe itll cause any real tps increase.