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  1. I have three differenrs server I am useing. What build do u neeed for 1.7.10, 1.8.9 and 1.11 what one I need to support all three versions
  2. Don't you need ViaVersion to suppport 1.8-1.11?
  3. I think he want to program. He has ViaVersion and don't know which build he need!

    I think you need 1.7
  4. Yea I do and I do I just want make sure what build I need for bungecore
  5. What one is the 1.7 can you give me the number and I can look for it on my host I made?
  6. *bump*
    Can some one help me
  7. There isn't one. You need to use plugins.
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  8. Well theres a fork called HexagonMC which supports 1.7 :D
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