What can i do more?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I started my server a week ago i bought some premium plugins like featherboard made a nice spawn bought 500 votes on serverpact etc etc.

    But i still have 5/15max on
    How can i get more online? I already placed my server on 6 votelists made some advertisements on forums.

    I dont have realy big advertisement budget its around 20 to 50$ a month.

    Do you guys know a way to get more players online?

    - Brian
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    tbh I'd say that's your main problem. You might have to just accept the amount of players you have, for a few months at least. Keep saving up and look into YouTubers with 50k+ views that aren't saturated, get more than $500 then go inquire about a video through a business e-mail.

    Maximise your donations by throwing in lots of benefits for donators, crates, special areas, cosmetics etc.

    NB// Not always a good idea to have a large number of voting sites unless your vote rewards are particularly well done. You could also look into a Rate My Server thread though there are quite a lot of those nowadays...

    Hope it helps,

    (without mentioning the obvious or cliché)
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  3. Dont try to focus on advertisement that is $20-50, because theirs not much in that category. You can get advertisements for less than 20 that bring in a few players, even free.or you can go big and get more funds, but I wouldn't recommend that at the start.
    ask around get in contact with small youtubers (A lot may already even play on ur server and you don't know it.) Many with just a few hundred to thousands of sub's may do it for just a rank, or a very small fee. Many aren't money hungry at the start because they know it won't come quick, or much.
    Word of mouth is great too, people are more likely to join because their friend is there than seeing it on a website.
    do not let having 20-50$ hold you back.
    patience is key, be nice and talk to your players even if they are dumb af. You'll grow if your doing it right. Won't be much and it won't come quick
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    Both @Ferx and @GangsterWalrus gave spot-on advice. Just keep running your server like a server that you yourself would enjoy playing on, and you might be surprised how far you can get!
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