What could make this happen?

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  1. Well then, we're having some slight trouble with massive TPS drops and occurring lags, we looked it up w/ the timings and found out, that something is wrong with the worlds. What could make that happen? The CPU? The storage? The bandwidth? I'd be happy with any response.


    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620
    RAM: 10GB
  2. Corrupted Chunk maybe? Do you have a ClearLagg plugin installed? Did you restart the server. Chances are there is some issue in the world itself.
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    Looks like the server is running on a toaster, on a shared host you're very limited in terms of what you can do in order to try to combat this, the way your server is started (the paramaters passed to it in order to set memory) aren't ideal, as they're only starting your server up with a small portion of the memory you've got allocated which already puts additional strain onto the server.
    I would highly suggest speaking to your hosting provider, the performance of your server with what is happening visibly on the server (e.g. number of mobs, TEs, etc, etc), really shouldn't be performing that badly.

    Also, clearlagg is a pile of junk, and any server actually using it as opposed to configuring their server properly should be shot.
  4. I doubt anything would be wrong with the server host or the specs. of the server. It's most likely a problem in game in one of the worlds.
  5. Thanks for the responses to all of you.
  6. Whats your graphics card specs