What could we develop?

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  1. Hi all guys, we are a group of Java developers. Lately we though to develop something for Spigot that's useful for the community and we decided to ask you what to develop (even because we aren't so creatives). Then if you need some plugin for your server let us know it down here and we will decide to create it if it's interesting enough.
  2. I heard about this recently. I think it would be a great idea.
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  3. Develop me a will to live
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  4. JamesJ


    Omg. I was not expecting that.
    Fucking great mate. I wish I could give you more than 1 rating for that.
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    I cannot think of a better answer.
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  6. Maybe a huge collection of util classes related to packets, maybe custom data storage methods etc.
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  7. I need really good plugin on warps which have limited warps on permission and commands which are down

    /setwarp <name> <public/private> - will create public or private warp
    /delwarp <name> - well delete warp
    /warp <name> - will teleport you to warp
    /warplist - will show your warps which you created

    I really need this plugin and would be so happy if you write this plugin for me. There is no plugin which can do this i write you.
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  8. We developed it! You can find the resource here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/simplewarps.41842/
  9. BGHDDevelopment


    A good gui nav plugin for lobby severs
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  11. At the moment the plugin is just provided of commands to manage private/public warps. We are going to implement limits in the next version!
  12. +1 more feature can you make it connectable with mysql and some config or something like that ?
  13. Sure, it's already provided of a configuration file, at the moment you're only able to edit output messages.
  14. I contacted you in PM