What CPU is better? Core i7 4790 vs Xeon 1270v3

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What is better for a minecraft server?

  1. Intel Core i7 4790

  2. Intel Xeon E3 1270v3

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  1. I need to know what cpu is better for minecraft server and why.
    It is assumed that core i7 4790 is better than Xeon 1270v3 right?
  2. x_L


    i7 4790, better single threaded performance.
    However an E3-1270v3 is just like 5% less. I usually prefer server grade processors though. OCD that's all.
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  3. MikeA

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    I highly doubt you would notice any difference in performance.
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  4. I will say this, the
    Intel Xeon can be run in dual processors. They do have cross-talk.
    whereas the i7 cannot. (If you are building your server, that can be helpful to know if you wanted to double down on processor power on one board) I actually did not know this until reading some Intel documentation on it. (Best I can figure they want to sell more Xeons)
  5. ovh just got i7-4790's :eek:
  6. Psychz-Jimmy


    E3's don't support double processors.
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  7. You won't notice much of a difference.. Go for the cheaper one.

    Although I use a 1271v3 ATM, as it is a server grade CPU. (Something about it makes me feel better)
  8. A lot of people prefer the server-grade hardware that accompanies most Intel Xeon nodes/dedicated servers. MOST hosts - not all, mind you - will run Xeons on server-grade motherboards, ECC RAM, etc etc.

    That doesn't really answer your question though, so real talk: In direct performance, you won't notice much of a difference, same as what others have said.
  9. RSNET-Radic


    This should only be used as a rough reference, there are known inaccuracies here.

    The i7 4790 will be faster, but you can also use the Xeon E3 1271 V3 if you're looking for the server grade version.
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  10. You have this cpu in RS? (Xeon e3 1271 v3)
  11. Overclocked, maybe the i7 is better. I doubt they'll experience any difference between. (E3s are server grade though)
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  12. RSNET-Radic


    Sometimes yes, we try to upgrade the 1270 V3 free of charge if we have the 1271 V3 in stock.
  13. I have a question so if I bought a dedi box with an e3 and I ran like 3-4 servers off of it @ probably 8 gb each would it out perform a i7 4970k with 3-4 servers and 8gb each. I'm assuming the e3 would do lot better but I don't know much about this.
  14. RSNET-Radic


    The quick answer is no. Each processor has it's own benefits, but in terms of raw performance, the i7 4790K will be faster.

    Let me know if you need me to provide a bit more detailed explanation.
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  15. i would say i7
  16. I think i7 is better
  17. neither get the 4790K not 4790. two reasons. one higher stocks clock 4.0Ghz over 3.6Ghz, with 4.4 vs 4.0 turbo with the 4790k, so better performance out of the box and with good cooling you can overclock it.
    please dont say anything like overclocking reduces lifespan or there will be degradation or etc things. i know and if he was going to do it should look at every aspect good and bad.
    plus both of the things i listed are ONLY IF you OVERHEAT the CPU.
  18. xeon is the best because it handles processes more efficiently
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