What cpu is better for hosting?

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What cpu is better for hosting companies?

  1. 4c / 8t 4GHz

  2. 6c / 12t 3.5-3.8GHz

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I open this post with the intention of knowing what is the best cpu for a hosting company.

    What CPU do you think is best considering cores and threads of each?

    1. 4c / 8t 4GHz
    2. 6c / 12t 3.5-3.8GHz

    How many servers can each one reach at the most?

    1. 8?
    2. 12?

    This thread is intended to help new companies dedicated to hosting. Your contribution and support are appreciated. All opinions will be respected and accepted. Thanks so much.
  2. What generation are the CPUs? A 3.5Ghz CPU from 10 years ago will be way way way worse than a current gen 3.5Ghz CPU!
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  3. Depends on the CPU.

    1) ~35
    2) ~50
  4. It depends on your applications that you will be running, as well as what you are going to offer.
    For minecraft, go with the current i7 7700K or 6700K.
    But if you are going to offer VPSses try to consider Xeons. But after all it is just about what you are going to offer.
  5. The server processors are way too worse for hosting machine.
  6. It depends in what is going to be hosted. If you are hosting minecraft or gaming machines then a consumer CPU will do. But for vpsses, try to considet Xeons.
    Also tell me why would a Xeon processor be horrible for a VPS?
  7. I am saying for hosting machine on minecraft, not for vpsses.
  8. Well I said for minecraft I would take a consumer cpu like i7 7700K not the xeons. For vpsses I would take xeons.

    You were not being clear about your answer...
  9. I would take none of them, and if I had to choose I would get a high performance Xeon.
  10. Yeah or that could be done as well. Xeons nowadays could do the same performance as a consumer CPU. though consumer CPU's do have better single core performance. Could do a AMD Ryzen 1/2 as well :), have also very good performance.
  11. Not exactly true, there is a lot more important stuff, I have a Threadripper bench which is currently maxing at 3.8GHz for testing and it's outperforming a 5.2GHz 7700K.
  12. There's no consumer CPU VPSes 'cause Intel consumer CPUs don't support the required virtualization instruction sets. And modern AMD CPUs aren't really in use in VPS hosting yet.

    Apart from the clockspeed Xeons are as good as the equivalent generation I7s for Minecraft hosting. And usually the difference in clockspeed between the low core count high Ghz Xeons and the I7s that you could say the Xeons are "way too worse".
  13. It's still true that AMD and Intel consumer CPUs run at higher clockspeeds thant their server counterparts, thus having higher single core performance.
  14. There are 4GHz Xeons. And also Xeons outperforming a 7700K
  15. I know Hostings that use a 4970K and 6700K.
  16. Well yes but in a specific generation the consumer CPUs are always clocked higher than server CPUs.

    An I7 will have higher clockspeed than server Xeons and Ryzen including Ryzen Threadripper will have higher clockspeed than EPYC.
  17. Please link a VPS host using I7s
  18. I would just prefer, consumer CPU's for gaming servers and if you are going to run VPSses on a hypervisor like ESXi I would prefer Xeons or AMD epyc.

    So in this case, if the OP is creating a hosting company for minecraft servers. Go with the intel/AMD consumer CPU's (Threadripper may do as well)