What currency should I use on Tebex/BuyCraft?

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  1. I’m not sure whether this is the correct forum category for this thread, but it is technically regarding a plugin.

    I’m wondering what currency to use for my Tebex/BuyCraft (they’re the same thing) webstore for my 1.15.2 PaperMC server.

    Should I use:
    • USD (since that’s more or less the “default” currency on a good portion of the Internet, and my server will likely get many players from the US)
    • EUR (another common currency that a lot of people use)
    • GPB (yet another common currency; my server is going to be hosted in the United Kingdom as well, and that’s the currency there, but the host doesn’t have anything to do with where the players who’ll play on my server are from anyway)
    • My own country’s currency (small country; unlikely to be a lot of players using it)

    What do you suggest? Of course, people can pay with whatever currency they want thanks to currency conversion (or at least I hope that’s how it works on Tebex; I’ve never used it before), so this doesn’t really matter, but I still want to hear your thoughts on the matter. In the end, I do need to decide on the currency, and the fewer people who’ll have to use currency conversion, the better, due to currency conversion fees.
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  2. Hi, I recommend using euros as you usually have more benefits. in my opinion.
    I don't recommend you buy plans at Tebex, you don't need it
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  3. Thanks! I’ll probably use Euros as they’re also a more universal currency than most, but what do you mean by “benefits”?

    Also, what are plans on Tebex? I haven’t used Tebex since it was only called BuyCraft, so I don’t know much about it.
  4. GBP is the strongest currency out of them all, pricing an item at £9.99 will net you $13.41 or 11.80 eur. Mind tricks to make stuff seem cheaper, I guess?
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  5. Tebex is buycraft

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  6. @Nemlin1 I know that Tebex is BuyCraft. And thanks for the screenshot! Although, GBP is higher on that list, so, like DotRar recommended, I’ll most likely use that currency instead.

    By the way, you never explained what “plans” are on Tebex and why I don’t need them.
  7. Or sorry I forgot for a moment of that
    Basically, Tebex, like any other company, will try to sell different products and reduce the configurations on the page to force you in some way to use some of its plans which are paid every month.
    from my point of view you don't really need any plan.
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  8. I understand. Thank you for letting me know. :)