What DataBase are u using?

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  1. What DataBase are you using on your server?
    By the way, on my server, I use MongoDB and InfluxDB.
  2. MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, ElasticSearch and Redis.
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  3. i see
    i have never to heard ElasticSearch
    is it easy to use?
  4. PostgreSQL
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  5. No, it isn't. And it isn't exactly cheap to run either. Elastic has specific use-cases, so only u see it when you really need to. At my server, we use it to process the hundreds of millions of statistical events we generate for analytical purposes. It's some awesome stuff though.
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  6. I see.
  7. I hear this a lot, but what is useful about it?
  8. It had early support for a native UUID type, json, and it has extensions that enable you to return certain columns on updates, and its query planner and optimizer are very much state of the art. It also has an async backchannel that can notify your client code when some state in a table changes.

    I recommend watching this talk by Rob Norris:
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  9. I see!
    Sounds Good!
  10. Strahan


    You shouldn't be choosing your DBMS of choice just based on random product names people throw out there. The database depends on the use case.
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  11. Sometimes multiple options and solutions are possible though. At that point it just preference.
  12. He wasn't even looking for advice, he simply asked what others are using. He already made a decision himself (MongoDB and InfluxDB).
  13. I use the MYSQL, Postgres, Mongo
    almost all databse use SQL language.
    essentially a database - program on SQL.
    of course there are no sql databases. (Mongo)

    no sql databases - easier to use.
    sql databases - more difficult, because they require knowledge of the SQL language
  14. I really wouldn't summarize SQL vs NoSQL like that.

    NoSQL database have their own specialization that SQL simply can't do. Think of large scale, highly available document databases, time series databases or graph databases. You really shouldn't choose SQL or NoSQL purely by difficulty.
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  15. Yes, you are right about something. but I expressed my point of view
  16. Hello,
    in this case I would use MySQL.
    This is for minecraft the easiest option in my opinion.
  17. mysql even though i h8 working with sql and databases
  18. MySQL is the best (for me)
  19. A couple of notes and a .txt file

    No but usually MySQL.
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