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  1. i use centos 6 I was just wondering whats the best if any directory to put the server on right now i have it installed under /home but ive been reading some install instructions they all say to install in /opt
    I was wonder if there is a difference
  2. md_5

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    Wherever you feel comfortable storing it...
  3. Real men use /root
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  4. Ive got mine under /msm.
    Its the default directory that Minecraft Server Manager uses, and I dont need to change it.
    But any directory should do, just make sure you dont lose it in a massive directory.
    Actually, just make a folder in root called /minecraft. That would be easy to manage.
  5. ik root is 20 gb in size so real men use root comment is just silly so i can make a directory like this and it should be good /root/minecraft