what do i need to learn to make a mod?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by whybie, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. I want to make a mod that can connect a player to a certain server by clicking a button in the mod. What do i need to learn?

    --- ps its a mod like any other hacked client i want to make something like that.
  2. A mod is not what this forum is for. A mod is using the forge API.
    However you may confuse it with a plugin.

    In order to make this you probably need to learn Java as Well as how to make a Spigot and bungeecord plugin.
    For the spigot part:
    - making clickable inventory
    - commands
    For the bungeecord part:
    - channels

    I can be mistaken since I just woke up and haven’t played with bungeecord recently :)
  3. Learn java first, then forge api
  4. Forge API. And Java, too, since Minecraft is written in Java.

    That, or you use MCP directly. If you don't need compatibility with other mods, you can decompile Minecraft with MCP, and then you have the source code. You can use that to make your own modifications. But you'll need to learn Java either way
  5. The docs of the Forge API are actually shit, that's why creating mods is a little but complex. The spigot Api was designed to be easy to use while in order to create a mod you'll need to work with deobfuscated nms code
  6. Java language as first.
    MCP as second.