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    So, you've come here because you might be new to hosting. Maybe you've been running a server for years. Maybe you're just trying to weigh your options. You've come to the right place!

    In order for us to recommend the best hosting for you, we need to know a bit about you and the server you run. Please use the following questions as a guide and answer these to the best of your ability in a NEW THREAD.

    Example: Minecraft Server Information
    1. How many servers do you run? [# of servers]
    2. What type of servers do you run? [Creative / Survival / Factions / Minigame]
    3. On average, how many players do each of your servers have per day? [30, 50, 100]
    4. Where are most of your players located? [North America / Europe / etc.]
    Example: Hardware Information
    1. What type of hosting are you looking for? [Dedicated Server / VPS / Shared Hosting]
    2. What is your monthly budget? [$100 / €100 / £100]
    3. Do you mind setup fees? [Yes / No]
    4. How much memory will you need for the entire server itself? [8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB]
    5. What type of CPU would you prefer? [Xeon E3 / Xeon E5 / Intel i7 / etc.]
    6. How much storage space will you need? [10GB / 100GB / 1000GB]
      • What type of storage would you prefer? [Standard Hard Drive / Solid State Hard Drive]
    7. Would you like DDoS protection? [Permanent / Reactionary / etc.]
    Example: Community Information
    1. Do you run a website? Are you interested in hosting that also?
    2. Do you run a voice server? What software? [TeamSpeak3 / Mumble / Ventrillo / etc.]

    Thanks to @obscurehero for helping compose this guide!
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