What do players look for in a server?

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  1. I'm going to be starting a Minecraft server soon, I have an idea that has not been over-used (Yet) and don't plan on making a server like factions, prison ect... Because I want my players to play something unique. I'm wondering what players look for in a server. Friendliness? UI? Community?

    Please submit your thoughts
  2. Care to elaborate? I understand that since it's a game, players want to have fun, and that is the goal of most servers.
  3. If the players find your server enjoyable. They will keep playing. Simple as. Not everyone enjoys the same things. Therefore you can not get everyone to enjoy your or any single server.
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  4. Uniqueness.
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    Pick a type of server that YOU enjoy playing, and then build from there. Every person is different, and trying to appeal to every single type of player is really hard, so it's best to stick with what you know and what you are good at.

    Personally, we started with a Survival server, and branched into a few others after we grew a player base. Survival is still our most popular by far, but our Skyblock server has gotten quite popular as well. But we have tried other server types, and some work and some don't. Just depends on the player, because everyone likes different things.
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  6. Not necessarily. A server with a single block which everyone stands on is unique, but player's won't stay and 'play', since there is no gameplay there. Yet factions and prisons aren't unique and remain popular.
  7. Just mainly, nice people/friends to play with. It doens't matter if you give them a vanilla world, a basic plot world, or custom minigames.
  8. Care to elaborate on your idea that has not been overused?
  9. They look for me. Kidding. It's really dependant on where you're advertising and what types of other servers are there. You could make something "Unique" But if it gets big, Pretty sure others will copy it.
  10. Might aswell make it so simple its just vanilla xD
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  12. A challenge with people to help them. Unfortunately that is found in abundance on pretty much every server that doesnt totally suck balls. I would just go with factions. It gets u players and they tend to stay. If you try and get too creative you will get bitten in the ass by that later. If u have a totally unoriginal factions server with players on it, you can branch into more interesting things from there. Sometimes unoriginality is what keeps people there.
  13. You know what I mean.
  14. As someone who made a good factions server to make money, I completely disagree with this post. Players don't stay, because there are already a million factions servers. However, you always succeed with a Prison server.
  15. This is a forum full of server owners not really server players. But just use logic, You need to keep them busy and motivated.. Just don't think as a server owner but as a server player and figure out what kind of server YOU would play on
  16. As a player I could care less about uniqueness... There needs to be a community.
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  17. :mad: One of those people who make server for money. I can understand if you had a big server, your older, and it's your only source of income but if your some teenager, making a server with an only goal is money than that's just sad.

    I would kill to have a community, plays and interacts with the owner and I would do the same NOT for the money.
  18. Although my idea has been used before, I plan on tweaking it in ways that others haven't. Essentially it's a server with an item-based economy. There is no virtual aspect of currency, all your currency is physical, and has actual value. The same idea goes for protection, players will use physical items to reinforce their territories. There will be implemented economic as well as political principles such as taxes, government, bills ect... There is no teleporting, there is no chatting to the whole server, there is no buckets which will make players expand pre-existing water bodies to their desired location. Essentially it's a twist on a Survival server with some RPG/Realism aspects, however I'm starting it with a small-community, and plan to keep it active (hopefully)