What do players want to see in a SkyBlock server?

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What type of skyblock do you like?

  1. Classic

  2. Modern ( mining minions. no grinding etc. )

  3. Classic but with added "light" improvements.

  4. Other, write in comments.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello spigotmc.org user/-s!

    While i was thinking what season type and features should i make for my skyblock server, i stopped on question - "What do players would love to see in a skyblock server?". I would be really grateful for any opinions, answers or maybe even ideas for skyblock server to have.

    Best regards,
    ( Racoon if translated to english. )
  2. Honestly... something new.

    Not to rain on your parade but Skyblock has been DONE TO DEATH... its getting old and boring, if you want a successful Skyblock server you are going to have to come up with a new and unique idea, I have no clue what, because I got so bored of Skyblock, but something needs to be different.
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  3. Try CaveBlock? It's Skyblock surrounded by stone. Or AcidIsland ?
  4. yummyfps

    yummyfps Previously TerribleTacos

    At the end of the day it has to be your unique spin on the classic game-mode and your unique idea. With other game-modes like survival you can be less creative because typically the biggest thing people want out of that is to play on the latest version with the newest stuff with some added things to keep them from getting bored, but with skyblock?

    There is a reason Hypixel Skyblock has been a smash hit and its because they did not something that had not been done before, they made a rpg extremely grindy game-mode where the majority of your focus is not even on your skyblock island. Do something, completely different than that, your own unique take on the gamemode and with enough time, focus, and dedication you should carve out a community and a name for yourself.
  5. I think you have to think of something new and unique. Modern with minions. Someone has already done this, so why would players play on your server, if it has been there already. I think everybody has played regular skyblock with a lot of grinding and I also think players are kind of bored of it. So think of something unique, maybe something, that helps the players gain resources more quickly and then your system is going to be great.
  6. Something unique. If you don't have the time, energy, creativity and money then i'm just gonna be honest with you and say this:
    don't even try
    There are hundreds and thousands of SkyBlock servers alone out there with so many of them being identical. Yours needs to be unique in more than one way or people are not going to play it.
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  7. yummyfps

    yummyfps Previously TerribleTacos

    Hell man your skyblock server is pretty cool but I'm just not into skyblock because I have seen the game mode a thousand times.

    I will play on hypixel skyblock because it is so different though.
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  8. I actually like skyblock, but on the servers I've played, either it's too hard, is too classic / too far from classic or has ownership / staff which I couldn't play along with. I was thinking of making one but I can't think of any ideas which haven't been attempted yet and it'd be very difficult to surface against the thousands of other Skyblock servers.
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