What do y'all do?

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  1. Just comment down below what you guys program for fun. This can be games, programs that do your homework, etc. Also, tell us what language you use.
  2. mathhulk

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    Creating websites and sometimes desktop applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Node.js.
  3. Websites and apps that do...
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    The applications I create don’t always have a set purpose. Sometimes I set out to build a nice design and end up making the application function in the end. The applications that I am working on at the moment include a game called Emma that is similar to tic-tac-toe, a desktop application that allows teachers to track bonus points for students and classes, a website for tracking online and offline services from OwO and a website for displaying punishments for AdvancedBan.

    The projects I listed above are all on GitHub, as I believe software should indeed be free and open-source. Along with that, I contribute to projects like Lukkit and the Lukkit website and documentation. Lukkit is an open-source platform for building Minecraft plugins with Lua. I also contribute to other projects on the side, such as Discord bots and more.
  5. Strahan


    Utility programming mostly. I use PHP for web based utilities (my M$ Surface interface, a media management system, payroll system, expense / budget tracking application, stuff like that) and C# for non-web stuff. Odd little tool things like a Windows service to manage local machine security, a command line tool to make mass renaming simple, an FTP wrapper to facilitate simple file management via cmdline, a wallpaper program to grab random wallpapers from a file share and from a website, a browsing tool so I can more easily browse and flag images on a porn website for download lol, a recipe database with cook timers, a little messaging app for notifications so I can like start a large file operation and have it send an alert to my PC when done (balloon notifications), uhh mostly little random command line stuff to make my life easier as I do most stuff there.

    Looking to refresh myself on Visual BASIC .NET. Haven't touched it in years, but due to hierarchical changes at work I find myself being moved from under the umbrella of the project management office to the development team. I met with them and said hey guys hook me up with a license for the latest Visual Studio, give me access to whatever source control you use (none) and asked what language/framework they target. I was a little shocked when they said VB.NET and 3.5. I was hoping it'd be C#. I never used .NET in a web environment, so now I gotta refresh myself on VB and learn how it works with web pages instead of winforms. Ohhhhh joy lol
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    i program plugins in skript
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    i just do random stuff in java, js, c# and html / css
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  8. People still do porn stills?

    I like to experiment with things and dont often get a real result (much more fun to figure out how something works than to polish a turd or restart with the gained knowledge with a proper design). The only thing Ive made purely for fun in the past year or so has been https://twitchanalysis.top fun exercise in Java, SQL, CSS, JS, and NodeJS. (And the awful API and IRC system of twitch)
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  9. Creating websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Elixir
  10. I mean it is good to spend free time to discover new technologies and get out of your confort zone to enhance your own skillset.
    But seriously who doesn't know the situation: You are looking on code you wrote a year ago and really want to refactor it all?

    I researched a lot how to do the perfect shit so I am not ashamed of my work later on.
    Finally I made it! I found the perfect way.

    The best tutorial, which is definitely worth reading!!11!1


    Enjoy your jouney to perfection!
  11. I'm programing plugins for server minecraft because I love minecraft <3
  12. I create Websites using some basic HTML and CSS -> I mainly work with CMS' though and customise them to the best of my abilities.
    I create private plugins in Java for Spigot and BungeeCord Servers, however I have begun expanding into things like Discord Bots and other standalone applications.
    I do know some C++ and I made a Bank loan application calculator with Ammortisation, however I do not use it.
  13. Since 1994 I've been doing html/css/perl/php, these days I focus on basics of html5/css3 and some php/js
    I am terrible at everything because now it's a billion years later and a billion revisions later.

    I used to write html4 cheat sheets and what not, but these days I far from great to say I master the latest recommendations. So I kinda stopped doing that. Never mastered php, but know enough to do my own thing with it and help others fix their bugs. Never got zend certified, but then again, i never tried either. Javascript because of ajax, but i do not like it, it's a nice and easy fix for fancy web stuff, but i like the command like, shell scripts, and server-side control.

    whatever i do code wise these days is just for personal projects, or helping friends/family, and stuff related to the minecraft network. More complicated shell scripts (well, complicated to me haha, i have loads to learn still) and writing apps/bots for website apis to help out manage their chat channels.

    I am turning 42 in january 2019, and i am behind on everything, and making very little effort to get good at anything. What i used to be able to say i know in and out is legacy code by now. I can't write a java plugin from scratch, but i can go through it and tweak it to my liking. Basic things are no issue, but then again.. i will never write something like featherboard for example haha.

    How i learned back in the day? magazines, bbs, and offline friends. How i learn today? google and stackoverflow and still doing the same old: rtfm. But no friends to help out. If I get stuck: im stuck. The online mentality is: UR A F NOOB, IF U DONT MEME UR GAYAAA LOOLZ .. so i avoid people now and just try the best i can.

    Oh, and I still enjoy reporting security issues to networks that I use because i value my data and apparently they do not.
  14. I program discord bots using Python. But it would be great to learn Java sooner or later.
  15. Java, Javascript, C#, HTML and Python anything else I don't find useful
  16. Not for fun: I've been an embedded software engineer for the past 38 years, writing software for systems mainly involving radar. I've used C, C++, Ada, and Assembly (TMS320 C33, MIPS R4000/R3000, ATAC, Z8, and TI 9900).
  17. I wish i could screenshare your monitor for a day .. :O (that's a good thing)
  18. Currently working on learning XAML + C# to make a Point of Service system that I can hopefully market as a cheaper alternative to the extremely expensive / lackluster systems already out there
  19. Wow
    y'all have interesting lives
  20. MiniDigger


    at day I am a business application developer, I work for a big german insurance and do full stack java development, from backend REST or SOAP service (and lately even spring, such modern) to frondends in gwt/gxt. parallel to that I plan on writing my bachelor thesis so I can finish uni, I am studying scientific programming (basically CS I guess)
    at night I am doing stuff at home. I wrote games before but got back into minecraft now, having worked as a freelancer before but now I only do open source development on my own or with whoever wants to chime in. I was working on a big minigames framework before (its mostly finished, just some polishing) but thats paused for now as I work on a "Fully customizable, highly scalable, distributed, feature packed and easy-to-use Minecraft cloud server orchestration software" (I fucking love that tagline).
    parallel to that I am a server admin, managing a docker swarm for all kind of stuff, websites for me, family, friends, my clan, hosting gameservers, teamspeak etc, bunch of tools (gitlab, jenkins, owncloud, grafana, nexus and prolly much for). yet to checkout kubernetes but swarm just works for me.
    oh, and I also try to not crash my house all the time. my dad is obsessed with rasberry pis and puts them all over the house (seriously, we have over 10 of those thingies...) and while he tries to develop the software, he isn't a programmer, only learned it like 20 years ago and never touched c++ again after that, so I need to do most of the stuff, and c++ really isn't a language that offers much to enjoy, lol. but its fun, we do fancy stuff like turning the washing machine on based on how many energy our solar cells produce and the projection for the next hours or simpler stuff like turning the heater off when you open the window. I also get push notifications on my phone when somebody rings the bell :D. current project on that front: face recognition so I know who he fuck rings so I don't even need to leave my desk when some mormon idiots ring the bell :D