What do you find hard moderating on your server/network?

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  1. Hey All!

    So, recently I decided to make a change in the way I work, and become specialised in creating moderation tools that help you and your staff on your servers, with this in mind, I, of course, want to create something that will be beneficial for you all!

    So my question to you is, what do you find hard about moderating your server? Or what tools do you wish were available to you to help with the moderation and management of your server? :)

    Will be interesting to see what you all have to say, I look forward to your responses!
  2. Some tool to scan whole world for inventories with suspicious items.
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  3. Quality. 99% of everything is shit. The only tool I wish for is the one which will allow me to efficiently extend my brain's capabilities in regards to the comprehension of everything that isn't shit, ideally allowing me to (with relative ease) produce something of impeccable quality.
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  4. Yeah this is something I have noticed a lot too, which is why I want to become specialised in this area to produce some high quality tools that are useful for server owners to use.

    Sounds quite intriguing, I will take a look into if this is something viable that can be created
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  5. ideas: auto-detect chests by saving their locations whenever someone accesses a chest by hopper/direct interaction, so you can make a good scanner without scanning through a whole world
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  6. Not having the tools in place ahead of time. For example, I run an SMP server, and the other day a player broke a block underneath another player causing him to fall into lava. Unfortunately I didn't have any inventory logging solution, so I had to take the player's word for what he had, which he could have lied about. I made my own inventory logging plugin, so fingers crossed shouldn't be an issue anymore.
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  7. Listening to bug reports that are incomplete and then getting told that I don't do my job of fixing bugs properly
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  8. I think in this situation, I could probably make a plugin that asks a series of questions upon running a command, from those series of questions, the plugin would download the relevant files based on the server type and whatnot, though this would be something that would require extensive research to know what is most commonly used across different game modes, along with a good execution and implementation :p

    I know the pain :p I could create a bug ticketing system that you can then update the user if there isn't enough information etc, plus it makes it a whole lot easier for filling and managing bug reports as I could hook it into a web interface and a GUI too
  9. i've never owned a server, but people creating lag machines or exploiting something in your plugins would be hard to catch
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  10. Strahan


    Back when I ran my server, the biggest headache wasn't anything technical... it was having to deal with a bunch of tweens and their arguments with each other, lol
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  11. there are always bound to be people trying to be jerks in the chat too. no plugin can detect that :L
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  12. Disable chat. Job done :):ROFLMAO:
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  13. If only I thought of that. You're a genius
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  14. Having to do too much work to just receive criticism and no thanks from players. That can not be solved, but by the way, a perfect anticheat is the best (technical thing) that most owners especially of pvp servers, need to their servers.
  15. This would probably be something that could be suppressed plugin wise, though requires some algorithm that could detect when an argument is taking place in public chat, probably throw in a bit of machine learning and what not too to detect different types of arguments
    Yeah, I have thought about making an anti-cheat, though the big issue with them is the number of versions you have to support, 1.8 to 1.15 are hugely different in-game mechanics, you'll often find the best anti-cheats are those that support a single server version, as that's all the developer has to focus on, so he can refine it better.

    I have been looking into the anti-cheat space, though to make a really good quality anti-cheat, I would leave the general moderation section and become specialised in producing anti-cheats since you have to dedicate a lot of time, not to mention collecting a lot of data on various things, e.g. movement, what packets they send etc.
  16. The plugin CMI (Content Management Interface) has a chest/entity/shulker/etc scanner e.g:
    Code (Text):

    /cmi scan id diamond r g
    this scans the whole world "r g" = radius global, for a diamond but you can go in depth like name lore enchantments etc. It can even purge the found items if you specify.
  17. To expand the machine learning thing, staff members could specifically inform the plugin that a user is a nuisance to increase the detection rate.
    I believe we should focus on the future with plugins and simply develop them for the latest version. There aren't many anticheats that work well for 1.15 that are also affordable.
  18. Prism lets you rollback player's inventories. Prism is still alive for 1.15.2, thanks to these folks:

    The original Prism web site:

    Prism is light-years ahead of CoreProtect.

    PwnFilter is quite effective at stopping the profanity and other nonsense. It's funny to watch people try to get around it by inserting spaces, dropping letters. By the time they finally get it through the filter, it's barely recognizable. I also have it set to change "kys" to "ily"; that really annoys the bullies.
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  19. Yeah, I would allow that, the staff would punish the player through the plugin, in turn, that would collect let's say, 10/20 chat logs on the player that they previously sent then learn from that.

    And yeah I agree, myself, I won't be supporting anything less than 1.13, as 1.8 servers have no reason to not update, performance has improved on 1.15 greatly and we will also be having 1.16 releasing within a few months time, as there are already snapshots being released on it
  20. CMI is too big/ultimate - buying it just for one feature and delete it then(cuz I'm not going to rebuild whole server just for this plugin) is not the best idea.