What do you guys think of custom terrain.

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  1. Okay so i'm making a survival server and i'm on the map stage.
    I'm looking around for some custom terrain and found a good one that is a nice size, custom trees, not too confusing, and survival friendly.

    I want to know the opinions of the general public because i'm planning to go a bit bigger with this server and have quite a player base. There is some things I had to do that make me cringe as an owner but the general audience love. I have yet to see a big server with very modified terrain.

    Apparently im weird for not liking:
    McMMO motd when i join
    Constant auction chat spam
    Having ugly ass chat formatting
    ghetto everything

    So I want to attract the general public, the wide audience. I also want to stand out with a very nice custom terrain. But I am unsure because I have never seen a large server with custom terrain. So what are your opinions on custom terrain

    EDIT: I guess players see custom terrain as an rpg kind of thing and rpg turns a lot of people off.
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  2. Depends what you mean by "custom terrain". Are you on about TerrainControl or WorldPainter or are you just talking about downloading a map from the internet?
  3. Map was made with WorldPainter.

    Its pretty custom with:
    granite, diorite and Andesite mountains
    overhauled biomes
    very high highs and very low lows
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  4. Custom maps and buildings are important to any server imo.
  5. Many big servers DO have it, but it's quite expensive to hire someone who's actually skilled at making large worlds.
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  6. Yes, I agree.
    I am just questioning the fact that i don't see any big server with custom maps.
  7. I went on most of the server on https://minecraft-server-list.com/sort/PlayersOnline/ and even some factions servers and didnt notice any terrain modifications.
    Could you maybe point out ones you know?

    Ill look more.
  8. If you do create the server tell me and I will join it