What do you guys think of my server trailer?

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  1. The last half also acts as an announcement of a new server event.

    [EDIT: changed link to the ultimate cut]
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  2. Too long and you should have used shaders and more dynamic camera movements using Replay mod instead of just flying straight or right.
    Also wtf is that ending? Is that supposed to be a teaser?
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  3. I literally put that in the post. Yes, it's a teaser.
    Also, it is using shaders.
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  4. I feel like I'm going to a Discotech instead of a MC Server TBH.
  5. Haha, the server could potentially be described as that. Very retro-80s in most aspects.
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  6. THAT would be Unique!, considering most people on here Prob born late 90's +. Keep On Grooving!
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  7. Strahan


    Well, if it's disco it's more retro-70s :)
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  8. Honestly I got bored at about the 1 min mark. The camera angles should have varied a little more.
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  9. Just use 0:59 - 1:21 as a trailer.
  10. Here is a new cut of the trailer with revised clips and camera angles. I think it's much better than the previous, however, it is about the same length.

  11. That’s was better, however I don’t understand the emergency broadcast bit? Personally I would have not put it in.
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  12. Right, I can see how it could be confusing - our server has a storyline to it and with 1.13 coming around the corner we have big plans for it. It would make a lot more sense when reading the full listing, as it's explained and all. That half of the trailer is more of a teaser for the upcoming story, a 2 in 1 basically.
  13. I see, the issue is someone searching for you on YouTube won’t understand that as they won’t see the “full listing”. Maybe split It into 2 seperate videos?
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  14. I'll probably end up doing that, I was thinking about it.
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  15. Pretty well-made, but I'll echo the concerns about its length. It's longer than most trailers for entire movies!
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  16. Honestly, as a writer, that was pretty cool. I'd love to know more about your server; the ending bit freaked me out a lil' bit. I even forgot it was about minecraft for a second.
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  17. Haha, thank you! I'm normally on at random times throughout the day, if you look for our listing(s) you can get the link to join our Discord and talk to me there!
  18. 3 minutes is too long unless you're going into detailed analysis, which you're not. The music is great for an 80s disco concert, but it doesn't convey much hype. My advice to you is go watch some commercial video game trailers of "successful games", break their trailers down bit by bit, and copy their structure.
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  19. I actually don't think it is to long. I have watched Game Trailers that are FAR longer. However I agree with the camera angles. I feel like I am forever moving right. In addition if it were me I would make the music fade in about 5 seconds earlier. I like the muffled effect, but the transition imo needs to come sooner.

    Other than that, remove that end thing. You are looking for an intro, not to keep them updated. Intros are meant to be lengthy teasers. Show them enough to get them excited and come on, but not enough to give it all away. Keep that ending for other videos that are non intros.

    All and all a very well put together video. Nice job!
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  20. Thank you! I'm definitely considering splitting the ems bit into its own video. The muffled bit is actually part of the song lmao.