What do you look for in a Bungee-SurvivalGames plugin?

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What do you want in a paid bungee SG plugin?

  1. Voting

  2. Download system (Server downloads map from dropbox or something like that and imports it)

  3. Customizable EVERYTHING (messages, etc.)

  4. Sponsoring

  5. Shops

  6. PointsAPI Integration / just regular points, for those that don't use pointsapi :(

  7. Tiering system

  8. Blood particles w/ toggles

  9. Fancy scoreboards

  10. BarAPI integration

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  1. What I mean by this is, what do you look for in a plugin that runs on a single server, like SurvivalGamesX? I was originally working on one, but I lost the files. I'm probably going to start coding one again and try it all out, and it will probably be backed on MySQL and stuff like that.

    If I were to make an SG plugin, what would you seek in one? Obviously voting is necessary and spectating, but what else? Tier 2's? Easy map setup? What do you want? AND WHAT SHOULD IT BE CALLED?! (maybe SurvivalGamesUltra, UltraSG, or UltraSurvivalGames). Any other suggestions for names or any other features should be down below! :)

    I plan on making this paid, because trust me, this will be a great resource. I'll keep you all posted :)

    (By the way, I have pretty much made one for my server, you can see what it may look like with the ip thenovamc.net (stupid ads... :p))
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  3. I think the most important thing to look for is the overall way it feels, the color of the chat, visual effects etc.
  4. Messages will definitely be customizable. Visual effects, I guess, it depends.
  5. Easy map setup
  6. multiarena support
  7. That's a definite yes, but remember, it's for bungeecord, so there isn't one world that won't be affected by the plugin (apart from The End and The Nether, because no SG plugin uses that the last time I checked).