What do you look for in a faction server?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Zomberr, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Please just comment with what you look for when picking out a faction server!
  2. Ability to create a faction and wreck others.
    But honestly, anything that I won't find in any other servers.
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  3. Number one thing I look for? One with at least 200 players. Sucks to be a new server :p
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  4. Not pay to win, everyone has equal chance of getting to be the richest, strongest, most "skilled" faction or player. Many servers make it so that if you donate a lot of money you get OP shit. Make it fair, affordable prices but normal enchants on donor kits and not too OP perks.
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  5. I had an idea of making donator ranks buyable with in game money would that work?
  6. yes xD if you want to have a kinda of op factions server then yes
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  7. Cldfire

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    Not pay to win. Original ideas. Something that makes raiding actually possible and fun, not a chore (that's my big one). Good builds. Lots of players. Perhaps a custom genned map.
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  8. Totally if you mix in an economy of prison with factions that'd be cool. Encourages actual selling and economy for the faction server. Though I don't know why no one has done it, seems too simple... possibly some hidden disadvantages.
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  9. Ok thanks :)
  10. I don't always look for a Factions server. But, When I do, I look for one not using "Factions".
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  11. Originality.
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  12. I can tell you what not to do. First off, don't have McMMO. If you want McMMO at least remove the combat aspects of it, as it ruins pvp.

    Second, a good economy is a major thing. You don't want to have an economy to where you can just easily dominate it and have as much money as you need. That usually occurs when servers have spawners in the shop for a cheap price.

    Third, don't enable withers. There was a time where wither servers were fun, but not anymore. There's a method with withers that allows you to break into any base.

    Fourth, don't hire abusive staff members. When you have staff members on your server that abuse, disrespect players or punish people without reason, a lot of your players will leave.
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  13. this.

    Also a decently sized players Base.
  14. Some custom crafts that makes factions server more fun:D