What do you think about Bisect Hosting?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by SaganWolfric, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Greetings! I have been doing some deep research on hosting for a server project, and Bisect Hosting really caught my attention. I have read some very good reviews about them on minecraft forums and other places, but I rarely see it mentioned here on the Spigot forums.

    What do you think about it? Have you ever had any experiences with Bisect? If you didn't like them, what good alternative(s) did you find?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. They're great I have an 8gb ssd server
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    Thumbs up to Bisect when compared to any other shared host.
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  4. I'm sorry, but what exactly is a shared host? I'm very new to these things. On Bisect, are the machines shared, with more than one user?
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    Shared hosts are where a few servers run off 1 machine. Usually not a problem at all until the host decides sharing 1 server between 10+ servers is a great way to profit (MCProhosting, GGservers).

    Bisect is pretty solid. If you're looking for true dedicated server, you need to buy a "dedicated" server. Usually pretty costly but rarely needed unless you have a big server network.
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    All shared hosts put 10+ servers on a machine, unless they only sell 4GB RAM servers and up...

    Some of mine have 5 servers and some of mine have 25, the performance is no different with proper resource monitoring and configuration.
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  7. Hello. I have never had a server with Bisect however I currently have 2 6GB servers running modded minecraft with Server Miner. The modded servers I have are running FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock, and a custom modpack being created by me. Both modded servers are running over 100 mods and seem to be doing very well. I personally love the custom control panel they have as I have had hosting with other companies that use Multicraft and I can say I don't really care for it. Server Miner also has some pretty friendly support. All I host with them is Minecraft but they do offer other games as well. The control panel offers one click installs of mod packs and plugins, super smooth file manager, and even an analytics system to allow you to see how many new players are joining from where.

    I have gone through many hosts for Minecraft, including hosting my own with a VPS, and I have to say I am pretty happy with Server Miner. I don't see my self moving any time soon.
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  8. Interesting, just seen their site and offers and they are pretty good. Will add to my hosting pool along with Bisect for later on. Thank you for helping!
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  9. My experience was good. My machine had only a few servers, so i got the full 8gb i paid for and a good share of the CPU. Would recommend.
  10. Bisecthosting is overpriced. I love Fallout-hosting, that is 1 USD/GB, but I have not tested it with more than 10 users. I ran a modded server with some plugins, and with 5 players and constant world generation the server was 20 TPS all time. Only a few days there were some problems. That lasted between 2 and 3 days without solving. But since it's 1 usd/gb I think that it's really worth. If you want to buy bisecthosting it's better to choose a VPS. But, never bistecthosting VPS. Also overpriced. If you have budget for that, it's better OVH gaming :)

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