What do you think about freelance job?

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  1. What do you think about freelance job? Is it good decision?
  2. How much is your time worth? How much will they pay? What are the tax implications? (I see you're in the UK.)
  3. Freelance work is good, if you find the right people/team to work with, and you know the payments are going to happen.
    You can work multiple projects at once which is helpful.

    I've done freelance game dev for the last 3-4 years. I got very lucky in some cases, and terribly treated in other cases.

    Make sure a contract is signed (regardless how stupid this sounds for online work) as it will really help if you end up with huge missed payments in the future. Find a project that already has workers and pays them.

    Don't be a dick either. I mean this in a more 'professional' way.
    I've meet people who believe they are worth more than average or others for stupid reasons. Or people who want to take over the ideas of a project as they think they know best. Both of these are stupid things, and are a quick way to get a bad name.

    Just apply to as many projects as you can, and you'll get multiple choices to pick from, which is always the best way.

    Best of luck!
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  4. Strahan


    It's a good way to make some money. Just be sure before you accept a job you have well documented the information on the project details/functionality and timetable for expected deliverables. Everything should be laid out in a contract ahead of time and most importantly be sure it's agreed upon as to what constitutes a completed project. You don't want to get stuck in 1,000,000 little update hell. Once you've provided the deliverables and the client has signed off, if they want tweaks be sure they understand that will entail new charges.
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  5. If you do not want to have a fixed job time, freelancing is great. But remember, if you have no customers, you have no money. Make sure you reach enough people, otherwise there is a possibility for you do fail.
  6. I've not directly had experience with a full time freelancing job but my opinion of it is that it's only good if you have a good reputation. I've seen multiple stories of people who range from making £50k a year to as little as £5k a year full time. And that entirely depended on their reputation. So, I'd say build up a good reputation first while having a usual 9-5 type job and then if it starts going well. Ditch the 9-5 and run for the hills!
  7. I’m regards to Minecraft, it’s honestly not very good. You will make a lot more from running your own servers
  8. its good for side money
  9. Servers require a ton of investment to get off the ground these days. in the time I've put into my server which averages 10 or so players, I could've easily made at least 10 grand by doing freelance work.
  10. Ah okay well I do freelance development, and run 2 networks consisting of 12 servers which I have made well over 10k from, so just from my experience I think servers are the way to go if you know how to advertise properly. Freelancing typically also at least for Minecraft in today’s time doesn’t pay quite as well, and it’s not consistent and half of the time the commissions don’t work out idk it’s just not as good as a server can be for money
  11. ??? Freelancing definitely does work out well and pay well. List your hourly rate up front and if they won't pay your price, tell them to go elsewhere. Simple as. Take half, or preferably full, payment up front and it can't go wrong.
  12. If you like being your own boss, then there is no problem with it! However, if your the type of person to slack off and needed to be with a team to really accomplish anything it might not be the thing for you. There is a lot more to it, but what I mentioned is something to consider.
  13. Well for a starter it's great! I had 0 dollars not too long ago, and by doing some freelance work (figuring out what freelancing really means), and finding the right people, it really pays off. Not too long ago, I would've spent hours and hours just for 5 bucks, now I know how much my time is worth, and how much I am worth. Thanks to freelancing, I was able to save up money to start my own company! I still do some freelancing now and then, but nothing too major. I'd say it's worth it if you're just starting, and don't work hours and hours just for a small amount of money, thanks!
  14. It depends on your salary and work time in my opinion.
  15. This question is too broad to give a black & white answer on. Whether or not freelancing is for you depends on a lot of factors, from a comparison to your current financial situation / job, to your personality & work quality. I can't comment on anything when 2 sentences is all we get.