what do you think about this name

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is fireages is a good name?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. I have fireages as name in mind for a minecraft network what do you think?
  2. GaIaxy


    I really like when a server name is something made up. Gazamo was one I worked on a while back and Zyphior being one that I owned. Both names just had a nice ring to them.

    I guess I'll give you props for not adding MC or SkyBlock or PvP into your name. I cannot stand when people do something like FirePvP or FireMC. But with "fireages", I'm really unsure what the server is about. On top of that, the name doesn't seem to fit anything Minecraft related. I guess you could say the same with the two I listed above, but they seemed to work more than the name suggested does.
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  3. From the looks of it, the poll has spoken. Not many people agreed that "Fireages" is a good name.
  4. I like it, but as it has been said. It doesnt say anyhting about your server
  5. I agree with this 100% ... Im so over BlahBlahMC ... like we get it, its a Minecraft server. DUR!

    I disagree with this statement. If you look at many many server names, if you take out PVP/MC/SkyBlock, do they really say anything about Minecraft?

    Lets pretend he used FireAgesMC. Ok yeah we get its MC but does it really say anything about minecraft? No, but neither do most servers.
    Lets take a look at Dyescape for a quick second (Ps Dennis if you read this I am in no way bashing Dyescape I'm just making a point)... the name itself says absolutely NOTHING about minecraft nor a relation to minecraft, BUT, their slogan is what says it all. A slogan can be a very very powerful descriptor for a server.

    Lets hop on over to RateMyServer for a quick second
    If we look at some of those names, and remove MC etc from their names what are we left with (here's a few)
    Paradise Network
    The Cookie Cafe

    Admittedly some of these names are god awful, but my point is that none of these really scream "Minecraft" but some of them are still awesome. Throw "MC" on there, barf, it just makes it look worse.
    My point here is the name doesn't necessarily have to scream "Minecraft" or Minecraft related, the name should be unique and fit your server, your slogan on the other hand, that is what makes it.

    For poops and hahas lets make one up "FireAges - An intense Minecraft survival Server" (clearly I suck at slogans) but look how we just made that pop by describing the server, yet FireAges still has no relation to MC.

    To the OP, I think the name is great. Get yourself an awesome slogan and some powerful artwork, and you will be golden!
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  6. Does hypixel say anything? I don't think the name has to say what's up
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  7. Minecraft = pixels
    therefore HyPIXEL?

    Minecraft = MINEcraft
    therefore MINEplex?
  8. Still, really does not say much about what the server is about
  9. Im sorry, because I usually agree with things you say, but that's a god awful example ;) haha

    Minecraft != pixels, Minecraft == 16 bit block game.
    To say Minecraft == pixels is silly since EVERY single game on the market has pixels.
    if anything Minecraft == lowPIXEL, so yeah, Hypixel's name has absolutely nothing to do with Minecraft
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  10. GaIaxy


    You had some good points. But as I said, a name really doesn't have to "fit with the product". Like the ones I mentioned, they had literally nothing to do with the server as they where just a random name that honestly wasn't a word. With something like FireAges, you hit a sort of RP or MMORPG type of server feel. At least, that's what I feel when I hear that name.

    To be honest, any name can fit. It's how you brand it that matters. What's the point of a name that doesn't make sense if you don't make it make sense?

    Hypixel literally has "Pixel" in the name. What's Minecraft basically made of? Pixels. You can see them and they are more dominate than say any other game.

    Point is, Hypixel fits Minecraft more than you think. That wasn't a good example.

    I think you're wrong on that. I'm sure their intention was "Oh look, really big looking pixels! I think we can brand this really well as it fits with Minecraft." Then again, interpretation can and will vary from person to person. It's all about perspective. So a name really just needs to have the perspective of fitting for that brand/topic/game.
  11. I agree with @ShaneBee - The name has an awesome ring to it and it doesn't have to specify what your server is about. Adding a simple tag-line like, "FireAges; A Minecraft MMO" would work wonders for advertising. The only things I would tell you to research when choosing a name are:

    1.) Has the name been used before? If so, is it currently being used?
    2.) Is there an available domain to purchase for the server? (You should look for .com/.net/.org or .gg/.cc)
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