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  1. So I and my friend are working on a server, currently the servers we have are:
    Spleef, The Walls, Paintball, Survival Games, and Hub Lobby also Freebuild/survival
    So 6 total different servers

    The way we have it set up is that /hub and /spawn brings you to the Main Hub (First time you ever join you connect to that) It has 4 Lobby to choose from 3 of which are still being created Survival, Creative(w), Games Hub(w), Factions(w)

    But the thing is that we are friendly argument about is weather /spawn brings you back to that server spawn or /lobby brings you to the server spawn.
    Ex. I'm playing in Creative and want to go back to creative spawn I would type /lobby to get back.

    I think from a players stand point they think bungee is one big server(They dont know its separate servers) so I'm thinking a player would most likley type /lobby to get back to the lobby of the server and they would type/spawn or /hub to get back to a main screen/world type of thing

    So here is the question should it be /lobby to get back to that certain server spawn or /spawn?
    Ex. Johnny was playing Survival and his friend says he was in the lobby so Johnny types /lobby.
    Ex. Johnny was playing Survival and his friend says he was in the lobby so Johnny types /spawn.

    But when someone types /spawn they can not get to the hub because the server is already using it for its internal use.
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  2. Well, Just use /hub & /lobby to get to the MAIN Hub And then Use the compass to get to the other lobbys etc.. With /spawn that will take you back to the spawn of the server
  3. Really I would think /hub and /spawn for hub
  4. Both ;3
    thug life m8
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  5. /spawn and /hub?
  6. Yes we are using Compass sorry for not saying that in message.
    I don't know I think /spawn and /hub to get to main server is the way to go!
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  7. Use /hub to get to the hub & /spawn to get to the server spawn :3
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  8. Everyone entitled to the opinion but doesn't feel right.
  9. sothatsit


    To me /spawn seems like it will just take you back to the spawn of the server you are on. This works well for factions type servers where they have a spawn, but for minigames they don't. Nevertheless, using /spawn makes me feel like you would be going to the spawn of the survival games/paintball spawn. Not the main hub.

    My opinion is /lobby to go the each of the game lobbies, then typing /lobby again, while on a game lobby would take you to the main hub. I would also have /hub work in the same way, as an aliase to /lobby. I would use /spawn in the lobbies as well in case people got stuck.
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  10. I get you point but maybe I don't get factions as well but I do all and I mean all of the plugins and config them and maintain and update, somewhat I feel lobby to me is spawn within the server. I get that people may think "Ok I teleported here so I must type /spawn" not to relate to hypixel and I know they are just a games hub I feel like If they were to have factions or survival To get back to the start I would type /lobby.?.

    Currently we are now tied 2v2

    I got one message back for both and 1 Agree so we need one more submission unless sothatsit changed his mind?
  11. Also sense I guess your the Developer I cannot connect to your it just disconnects me I'm assuming you have a Forge Mod checker?
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