What do you think Minecraft 1.15 will feature?

Discussion in 'Minecraft Discussion' started by Reddoz, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Really excited for the Minecraft 1.14 update and really can't wait to see what they plan to add to 1.15! I really hope they do a dungeon update soon or just update the cave system. What do you all think they will add in 1.15?
  2. Fairly sure some pvp mechanic updates are planned for 1.15 (unless they pushed it back to 1.16) so it'll hopefully bring some people to the newer versions even though it won't be a full 1.8 pvp reboot. I hope they do a Cave update tbh. Ant Venom did a good video on it:
  3. Oh cool! Yeah I heard about the PvP thing and how they want Bedrock and Java to have the same system. I hope they do a good job so servers can update to the latest version.
  4. I hope it comes with a patience feature.
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  5. Rewrite of the rendering system hopefully. So that the game run more fluently. 1.14 does make a big change already. And more refactoring of the game. Hopefully the custom data tag will also be implemented for blocks and entities. So we can model our own entities and blocks placed in world.
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  6. I would love to see an entire revamp of the "underground"
    Basically EVERYTHING under sealevel
    - Caves
    - Mineshafts
    - Biome dependant features in caves
    - Dungeons
    - Strong holds

    All of it needs a major overhaul REALLY badly. So that is what I have my fingers crossed for.

    I have actually been thinking about this for a few months now.... I have some neat ideas, but well, I don't make the game. SHUCKS!
  7. Custom mob models using JSON, just like custom item models.
    please please please please please please please
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  8. Yes, yes... YES YES oh and YES please.
    Also Tile entities whilst you're at it
  9. Can't you do tile entities already, or am I mistaken there? Since we can already make 3D blocks, wouldn't things like chests fall under that? Never tried or seen it though.
  10. I think to a certain degree you CAN, but you are limited to taking over an already used block in game (ie I saw someone create this fancy kiln type thing, they created a texture that overrode a hopper)

    In 1.14 Items they added the CustomModelData tag.... It would be cool if they added that to tile entities as well.

    This way you could have variations of said item, IE: you could make 10 difference furnaces, that all acted and looked different. Just like how you can do in 1.14 with items
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  11. I hope for a java developers support.
  12. Minecraft really needs a full rewrite but that isnt gonna happen xD. Just think if it was completely rewritten there could be so many things that are normal for like bedrock that could be normal on the java edition like movable tile entities and such.
  13. Maybe we'll see one eventually *shrug*
    or if mojang kills support, maybe a dev from the community will rewrite it *shrug*
    Minecraft is one of those games that can be kept updated by the community after all (mods and such)
  14. Very true but i doubt someone will completely rewrite it xD
  15. I mean, i could for a fun little project. I'd have to find a way to do it without breaking the law though :/
  17. It could, mojang has rewritten some large parts of the game (1.13) the lighting system being rewritten for 1.14+

    Edit: There a planned change as well "A rewrite of the game's rendering engine. The new engine will be called Blaze3D" if that's 1.14 *shrug* it might be in a later update

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