What do you think of my current build?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Remy2402, May 15, 2015.

  1. Hey. Any thoughts on this build and would I need some upgrades to run max settings at 1080p? Any feedback is sweggily appreciated.

  2. Get a better graphics card, and upgrade to an i7-4790k if you can.
  3. Yeah. I kind of already knew that the graphics card needed a bit of an upgrade. What one would you recommend? GTX 970 maybe?
  4. The R9 300 series is launching June 24th, I'd suggest waiting for that.

    Nerf the CPU and upgrade the GPU - Your current setup is terribly balanced with a way overkill CPU and a mid-end graphics card.
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  5. I ain't gonna nerf the CPU cos what's the point of that? But I will look into the R9 300 series.
  6. The point is you could save money.
  7. This is my current system I already have......
  8. Dont buy a CPU yet Skylake is just around the corner!
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  9. Okay. People. I already have this build. This is my current build that I am typing to you with. I want upgrades that I should make.
  10. Remove the headphones... Theyre shit... Get Logitech G930's or something, You dont need to spend that much on headphones. Get windows 8.1 and get a nicer GPU
  11. You should go with a different case, the Silverstone ML05B provides great option for SLI & airflow.
  12. Once again I am not going to remove headphones I already have. I did not buy them for the price listed there. I got them for $120 AUD. And as a matter of fact they are the best and most feature packed headphones I have ever used.. Everything listed here is already bought and I have been using this build since February 2014. Not buying windows 8.1 as a free upgrade to windows 10 is available in a
    Few months. I know the GPU needs upgrading. I don't just want to hear "get a better GPU" I want to hear some good options for a new GPU.
  13. Current case works beautifully but could have better airflow. I don't know where you got the SLI problem from. It is a huge case and could easily support 4 way SLI if need be
  14. So wait, you already purchased it all? and youre asking for feedback and changes, when youve already built it
  15. If all the parts are already purchased, change the price to also say purchased (for each part).
  16. No. I want to an upgrade to my computer. And I need feedback on what I should upgrade...
  17. Wait for the R9 300 series and see how it compares to the GTX 900 series - then upgrade your GPU.
  18. I currently use a GTX 970 works great. I highly recommend it. Also kinda random but i'd get a razer deathadder over a taipan. :p