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    IP= Play.McMini.net
    Website= Buy.McMini.net
    With a brand new server which was just released on the 23rd, comes some of the newest and most up to date plugins along with some of it's very own custom unique plugins. Currently McMini consists of 5 different types of game modes to make a variety of all of out plays happy and willing to stay. We currently have Capture The Flag, KitPvP, Quake, Creative, and Survival Games. Along with all these game modes, we put a twist on it. You get $25 per kill you get on any game mode. This custom plugin allows us to do monthly giveaways to the person that reaches the set ammount of money needed monthly. This month we are giving away an iPad Mini to the first person that reaches $250,000. So come online and check us out, I guarantee you wont regret it. Below you will find some videos of our server from some of the most popular youtubers along with some pictures of our statistics since being open. Play.mcmini.net

    Our first Milestone was reached yesterday, when we hit 160 players online since being open for 3 days:

    Here is a video from our good friend Bodil40

    Here is a video from TheCampingRusher
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    Also this community is mainly those running servers, chances of finding players here is slim.
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