What do you think of this?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by SilverPhx, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. So, after much consideration I have thought and proposed the idea to my friends to create a similar/more extensive plugin such as Essentials for servers.
    This plugin would include the general useful commands that Essentials uses for example and would add configs with a universal api for other plugins to use; for saving player data.

    Do you think this idea is worth the time?
    Your opinion is appreciated in all cases!
  2. Don't do it it took Essentials years to get to the point they are all.
    By the time your done getting it work batter than Essentials minecraft only going have like 100 servers. :D
  3. MLG


    Yeah, Essentials isn't that complicated :p
  4. I have always wished someone would create something Essentials like, but for Bungeecord. Much like BungeeSuit or geSuit (which both are inactive).
  5. Could be worth your time if you have better ways to implement things, a huge chunk of time set aside and a couple of people to help you. I think that if you aim to replace something you had best realise how much time it took to get that "thing" to where it is and also you should clearly state where your implementation would be better/describe what features it will have that the other won't. In the case of essentials if you're going to include more features it is probably more worth your time to just bundle those extra features as their own plugin, since that'd likely attract downloads. Don't fix what isn't broken.