What do you use? Bungee, Lily or another?

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What do you use?

  1. BungeeCord

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  2. Lilypad

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  3. Other

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  1. The title sorta speaks for itself on what this post is about -

    What do you guys use? Bungee, lily or another solution and why do you use that over the other available options?
  2. GeorgeHousley123


    Bungee, cos it's the best.
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  3. Tux


    You're posting this on what technically is the BungeeCord forums, so it's obvious you're going to see mostly BungeeCord users.

    I've laid out a comparison, but as a current maintainer of BungeeCord and LilyPad networks, BungeeCord always comes out on top for me due to its extensibility and flexibility that LilyPad only partially provides. Of course, I am biased because I authored RedisBungee.
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  4. BungeeCord feels alot more established and maintained than LilyPad in my opinion.
    As far as i'm aware, LilyPad and Bungee are the only public two of its kind.
  5. I use BungeeCord, however in my opinion Lilypad is far more stable and simple as it was written in Go, which also explains why it is not updated as often as BungeeCord is. It is, however, kind of harder to setup and use, and as @Tux said, it's not as extensible as Bungee.
  6. "simple as it was written in Go"
    thats kinda a shallow statement.

    "simple as it was written in Go" "which also explains why it is not updated as often" "harder to setup"
    you just killed your own comment.
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  7. Meh, it's been a long day. Basically what I'm trying to say is that it's up to you what to use, BungeeCord and Lilypad are basically doing the same thing using a different technique. Lilypad is more stable and secure out-of-the-box which is why it's not updated as often. It is, however, harder to use, and the Connect API is not as extensible as Bungee's API, however many people vouch for the Connect API over BungeeCord's API in means of simplicity.


    "...MORE STABLE AND simple as it was written in Go.."
  8. True, I didn't know where else to post...
  9. I wouldn't say that it's more stable and simple because of the language it's written in, Bungee has a lot more updates (as I've seen) and a lot of large servers use it, it obviously can't be very unstable or large servers wouldn't use it.
  10. It doesn't have any major bugs or exploits to make it considerably unstable, just that bugs are still constantly being fixed and things are being improved. As I can see Lilypad doesn't need anything fixed or lack anything, however, again this all is from my point of view. It's been some time since I last used Lilypad. Maybe @Mikgreg who uses Lilypad on OmegaRealm can help out.
  11. To be honest, I've never even heard of lilypad, so I would say BungeeCord.
  12. The Lilypad forums seem very dead, they haven't got as much as a bigger community that BungeeCord has.
  13. JamesJ


    BungeeCord all the way.

    It's a proxy- therefore you can make actual proxy plugins, such as BungeeAdminTools etc.
    It's reliable- there are often updates to the software.
    It's api- has a really good, easy to use API
    It's scalable- can be expanded and expanded, i.e RedisBungee
    It's mod compatible- with BungeeCord, I can actually join servers with mods such as LiteLoader, with LilyPad you can't.
    Clearly works- Mineplex, HiveMC, Hypixel, Overcast all use BungeeCord, and so does DatPixel and it's always worked for us.
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  14. BungeeCord. That is all
  15. Mikgreg


    Personally I use Lilypad for my larger network Omega Realm because I just find it easier & quicker to set up, not saying Bungee is hard to set up, it's not, I can just get things done with Lilypad quicker. I also only need it for the server linking features, I don't use plugins and such for that - so I don't disadvantage from having less of those.

    However, my custom minigame server The Grid uses Bungeecord, as it has a nicer API and is a lot more flexible and allows us to do a lot more things with it.
  16. minecraft7net


    nice topic, i'm looking for any fork of lily or bungee that will allow 1.5.2-1.8.4 at one network :) with FML support too :)
  17. minecraft7net


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  19. @minecraft7net @Janmm14 That came out today :p. I also think that only allows players with those clients to join 1.8 servers. Not sure though.
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