Question What do you want for a plugin?

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  1. I'm having trouble making plugins, I see all these plugins and new plugins which get no downloads at all, I go to download them and they're good. But what I'm here to ask is;

    What do you want for a plugin? Anticheat, Minigame, Management Plugin (Ban Manager; GUI, Ban)?
    And what do you not want as a plugin? Example essentials rip off.
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  2. latiku


    I don't understand what you're asking. Are you looking for plugin ideas or are you ranting?
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  3. Ideas...
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  4. WAS


    Seems pretty clear.
    It seems like a lot of the popular plugins are reviving old dead plugins, or bringing in new unique features, or needed features from past versions, and yes minigames.
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  5. DiscoverSquishy


    The next G.W.E.N would be cool sell it for 50 bucks it will sell great!
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  6. Something I haven't seen is a modular minigames system. Let me explain.

    You would have a core plugin and then you can download sub-plugins, each sub-plugin being a different minigame. Those sub-plugins connect to the core plugin to make a minigame network.

    So you can easily create a minigame network by downloading the core, then downloading each minigame you want to have which connect to the core.

    You can make some minigame plugins premium and others free, you can add an API so other developpers can create minigames for the community, and can easily hook into your core plugin.

    I think this could be interesting.
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  7. DiscoverSquishy


    Please do this plugin I can be your funder!
  8. I made something like this for my minigame server, but instead with modules being classes extending an abstract class.
  9. If you make this, please have it compatible with all versions 1.7 - 1.11 so everyone can play! You can test things on my network if you wish.
  10. I have idea. Can you create plugin, when Tab and Chat prefix integrated from PEX? Or can you tell me, exist this plugin?
  11. DiscoverSquishy


    So which are you choosing?
  12. Well, I've already started on a minigame plugin called Walk; If you sprint you die. It has "TNT tag" and traffic light game whatever that's called. I'm still working on it though. It also has an economy.
    The idea of downloading different minigames it's a good one. But I would need to set up a place for the sub-minigames and where they are hosted.

    I am and are also working on an anti-cheat called Bread. This is not very advanced it's based on numbers. But the NoFall, that isn't bypassable.

    The Tab and Chat prefix integrated from PEX. The chat is already implemented with PEX. The tab plugin already exists, I had it on my server. I can't remember what it was called.
    That's the closest one.
  13. You can use my network to test the minigame plugins etc.
  14. You could make a cool plugin where if you right click a tool that tool gets insane effiency and you get speed to that you can use that tool super fast, just an idea.
  15. So like MCMMO?
  16. But different. You should only be able to use the tools at light a certain type of day or weather, or maybe ever biome.
  17. Nice idea.
  18. Try making a poll, see what people want