What does getCommands() return?

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  1. What does getCommands() return?
    The wiki doesn't really explain it too well, or at least I don't understand it

    What I want to do is have the command name and description put into an array
  2. I am I meant javadocs not wiki
  3. What? That actually is already mentioned on that site,
    "Gives the map of command-name to command-properties. Each entry in this map corresponds to a single command and the respective values are the properties of the command."

    "Map<String,Map<String,Object>> getCommands()"
    That would actually return a map with a string ( command name ) and their used informations like "description"
    So you would call that similar to this:

    Code (Text):

    for(Map.Entry<String,Map<String,Object>> mapEntries : getCommands()){
        String command = mapEntries.getKey();
        Map<String,Object> commandInformations = mapEntries.getValue();
        String description = commandInformations.get("description");
        //description can be null if it doesn't exist in the map. All other informations that can be found are listed on that site. ("description","aliases","permission","permission-message","usage")
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