What does it need?

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  2. Is it on GitHub?
  3. Please do not post a "Resource" post (or the actual Spigot resource..) if you haven't finished the api, documentation or I guess almost anything in your project.
    You may create the post asking us for our opinion on what you could add but then without the "Resource" tag and definitely consider uploading your source to Github at least or your api is practically useless without the source on Github or at least a huge documentation.

    I'm going to add my opinion on what should be added when you have a more descriptive list of api features or the code on Github but I (and probably many others) am too lazy to decompile your api just to take a look at it :)
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  4. Not yet, still a work in progress.
  5. Okay, thanks for the major feedback. Currently, it is functional, just needs more to be better. If you would like to be a contributor, send me a pm.
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    that statement doesn't make much sense. I get that its wip, but you already posted a download, so you gotta have some source for us to look at, how else can we provide feedback?
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  7. Okay, will post on github when I'm on my computer.
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