What does Spigot do against its users that use leaked plugins?

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  1. Hey.

    Today, I found a spigot user who is using a leaked version of my plugin.
    I have proved that the user has downloaded my plugin illegally, from <redacted>.
    I joined his server and found out he has my plugin running, both <redacted> and spigot usernames were the same.

    If I report this user to the Spigot team, will they do something (like permanent ban) against that user?
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  2. SpigotMC will do nothing, since SpigotMC does not monitor what someone does on their server nor is it against SpigotMC's rules/policies what you do on your server.

    If a user is using a leaked version of your plugin, theres really nothing you can do.
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  3. In my opinion the best solution is to not worry about it, people are always going to leak plugins no matter how hard you try and stop them. Focus your time into improving your plugin, this way you increase the amount of potential buyers and anyone that inevitably wants to use a leaked version will not have the updated plugin. At the end of the day it sucks, but there's not a lot you can do about it.
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  4. You could possibly create a verification system for your plugins. Like a set key for each purchase and it goes to another server for verification that the key is active. Without this key the plugin won’t enable. When you find a key that’s been “leaked”, disable that key.

    Though I don’t okay know if all this is worth it for a small plugin...
  5. It's not really a small plugin (see banner).

    We already came up with a system where we host all versions on our own site. We already do that, but now they're also available on Spigot.
    Then, when people buy it we create a custom account for them.
    When they download the plugin from our site, we add an extra byte to the file which won't be visible when decompiling. That way, when a version is being leaked from our site, we can see who leaked it. And we'll also keep score of how many times a user downloaded a plugin, and if it's too much for one person, we will ban the account
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    Just so it's said from a member of staff, no. The reasoning was pretty well summed up by @ShaneBee
    It's not our responsibility to uphold your copyright. If it's redistributed on the platform, report it and we'll remove it and ban the user, though beyond that we have no control. It's unreasonable for SpigotMC to pursue legal action on your behalf or ban someone due to a matching name which may be as a result of impersonation or coincidence.
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  7. It's a shame that there are so many people with the attitude that they can just say and do anything, without consequences "it's just minecraft bruh".

    A zero tolerance towards abusive users gets my vote every time.

    Best of lucking making great products for Spigot, and remember to not bother putting too much energy into those who pirate it, and give that energy to those who praise you for the hard work.
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    That'd be a violation of resource guidelines.
  9. That's prohibited by Spigot's rules.
  10. Where are these rules?
    Because is the system I mentioned above allowed then?
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  11. I wasn’t aware of such rule. I got the idea from AAC when we where testing the plugin from a friends copy. The author found out and block the plugin from working from our ip.
  12. i mean the best thing you could do is if you find a leak download page from various websites that exist doing this; and dmca it, to lower the leaks. Otherwise i wouldnt put to much effort into it and do what other suggested.

    TBH I wouldnt put alot of effort into it. If you want these security methods that are not allowed on spigot. then I would suggest hosting elsewhere where it would be allowed.
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