What does thies permission nodes do ?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by weboy, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone, i am currently redoing permissions for my server, and i found the following permissions:
    http://bukkit.gamepedia.com/CraftBukkit_Commands -> Additional Permissions
    I am interested in knowing what thise permissions do:

    does anyone know ?
  2. I am aware that's that where they are ... i even pointed it out in the OP.
    But i'm asking what do they do, what are these so called broadcasts ?
    and what is a user broadcast, and an srcadmin broadcast ?
  3. Does noone know what the permissions do ?
  4. its for a broadcast or not ?
  5. So lets say you want to do /broadcast
    bukkit.broadcast.user is naturally given to everybody it lets them see the broadcast but lets say you don't want a group to see it you would do -bukkit.broadcast.user and that group wouldn't be able to see user broadcast (/say [message])

    next is the bukkit.broadcast.scradmin and this is much like user but with /broadcast command

    and lastly the bukkit.broadcast is a combo of user and scradmin so removing that would mean no one could see any broadcast unless they were opped or had one of the other two

    Now I'm about 95% sure of this however I can't be 100% but it seemed like that when I had tested it on my server