What does your stock portfolio look like?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    As a newcomer to investing in the stock market, I thought it would be fun to share our stock portfolio and our returns.

    Since I assume not many people are necessarily involved in the stock market, I expect few responses. However, any response is appreciated!

    I’ll start, these are ordered by performance:
    LRCX - Lam Research
    WMT - Walmart
    PLNT - Planet Fitness
    INTC - Intel
    FB - Facebook
    CAT - Catepillar
    AAAP - Advanced Accelorator Applications
    QCOM - Qualcomm

    Total returns: 19%

    - Cervinakuy
  2. My stock portfolio is quite small as of right now, but I have a list of stocks I'm going to add onto my portfolio as I invest money each month. AliBaba and Tencent are definitely ones I have been interested in, alongside a Berkshire Hathaway stock (stock code BRK.B) and maybe Facebook as well. I would also like to add Tesla. There are a few others I plan on getting but I don't have that list on me right now. If I had room for spares, I may consider buying an Amazon stock but you know that we shouldn't rely on FAANG stocks too much.

    This is what I currently have. It's not much but I'm slowly adding onto it:
    1 x Visa
    1 x Home Depot
    1 x VUSA ETF (It's a Vanguard index ETF that tracks the S&P 500)

    If I were to buy all of the stocks I plan to get, returns would be around 20-50% on average. I have the exact numbers on my notes yet again so the 20-50% range is pretty much the rough average based on previous returns. Of course diversification is necessary to mitigate risk.
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  3. 22303 DigiByte

    that’s all I own personally in terms of “stock”