What economy plugin is everyone using now?

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  1. Due to issues with essentials, I would like to avoid using it for 1.13. But I can't find another decent economy plugin that is working for 1.13 AND not completely bloated with features I don't need or want.

    All I need is something that retains a balance, and uses vault so other plugins know how to make proper use of that balance. I tried TheNewEconomy, but it seems bloated with undocumented features, and is poorly optimized (minor drops in tps while its running, only thing that shows up in red on my timings reports).

    So, I'm just looking for some advice on what plugins ppl are using for players money.
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    I have been using CraftConomy3 for years without issues. Sure it has a lot of features but you don't have to use them and they are documented. I'm not sure if it works 100% correctly with 1.13 though but I doubt that it touches anything that changed.
  3. I'm curious to know what issues have you ran into with essentials as I've been using it for years without any, assuming those issues haven't been solved with essentialsx already.
  4. In conjunction with Towny, there are some situations that can cause players town and nation balances to be wiped. Essentials also sets town and nation bank accounts to use an underscore instead of a dash, making it possible for players to change their names to e.g. town_funland and obtain funds meant for those town accounts. These issues have actually been issues for a very long time.
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  5. I made my own economy system in my core plugin. I got a MySQL table which stores UUID and their balance. Then I can retrieve and update the values when I need to.
  6. We're using CMI.
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  7. I didn't even know this plugin existed. Thank you for the suggestion, it looks amazing. Gonna read more about it since its premium, but if it does all it says it does its definitely worth it.
  8. Yep I never knew CMI existed until a few months ago it literally helped a lot since a lot of features are a lot of plugins I used to have but cmi has most of them great plugin imo
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    Vault ? :) but i see in this thread i need to update myself