What Emergency Protocols have you put in place?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Daniel, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hello I'm wondering want Emergency Protocols have you guys put in place for stopping hackers or when your server gets hacked?
  2. Tux


    Take backups.

    Let me repeat that one.

    Take backups.

    Securely-taken backups are the best sure-fire way to make sure you can recover from a hack!
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    Disable network. Use IPMI. Then troubleshoot.

    Granted, none of my servers have ever been hacked, and I offer payment to people who can :- )
  5. Most large servers do not have any emergency protection except backups.
  6. Well the trump way... It's pretty simple actually.


    Make it big and tall baby so no one-- not even hackers-- can get through!!
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  7. If they hack my toaster I unplug it.

    But seriously,

    If possible I will run a force shutdown and use ovh rescue mode or alternative to investigate the servers files and logs. And then I will use my backups.

    If I can't do that I will simply restore the most recent secure backup. If I need to change anything that could of been compromised I will disable remote connection ports and do the changing via kvm